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Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire’s population and economy have been expanding rapidly and are set to grow even further. 

Work and investment from the Greater Cambridge Partnership, together with other local investment, will provide infrastructure and improvements to support this growth so Greater Cambridge can reap the benefits, now and in the future.  This will help to offset current pressures on the transport network, on the supply of affordable homes, grow local skills and keep the city connected as it expands.

By investing in better, greener transport networks, new homes for all and the skilling up the local labour market, the Greater Cambridge Partnership will help secure future growth with the right level of infrastructure to support it. 

The impacts will have the long-term effect of enabling regional growth but will also be felt by individuals and communities who will see positive changes in day to day life.

The benefits that City Deal projects will bring will not be confined to the region alone, but will be shared throughout the wider area and across the UK economy.

A traditional black cycle with wicker basket attached to the front, leaning against a stone wall on a sunny day. Above the wall, greenery from a large tree overhangs the bike.
A view of some new build homes in Cambridge; brick structures with metal balconies and a small fenced communal garden space.

B E N E F I T S  F O R  O U R  C O M M U N I T I E S

We want existing and our future generations to be able to live, study and work in a successful, prosperous Greater Cambridge economy which will improve their quality of life.

Greater Cambridge Partnership investments will increase, and speed up, the availability and affordability of homes for all across the Greater Cambridge area, helping families get on the housing ladder.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership will build a better and greener transport  network, connecting local residents and those travelling to Cambridge to opportunities, their homes, jobs, and study.

By connecting people and promoting greener, cleaner travel, the Greater Cambridge Partnership will help to nurture strong and vibrant communities across Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire.

Smart innovation will be driven forward to create a smart city, with data and information easily available to individuals and businesses.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership is passionate about sustaining and developing what is unique about the area.  It will provide the infrastructure to support the Local Plans which will help preserve our special city and its surrounding area for the long-term.

B E N E F I T S  F O R  O U R  B U S I N E S S E S

For businesses to invest and grow, it is vital they can access the right people with the skills  they need.

In order to attract skilled people, and to remain competitive, employers need to ensure their staff have access to a good transport network, to a home they can afford, to services and amenities and that they, and their families, can enjoy a good quality of life.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership is working with the business community to ensure its investments reflect their needs and to support recruitment and retention of skilled employees.

It will build a bridge between the workforce of tomorrow, with schools, training providers and businesses, to ensure future generations have the right support in place to access the local labour market and all the opportunities it brings.

New and existing businesses will benefit from the additional 420 apprenticeships the partnership will create by 2019, along with the support it will provide employers to increase training and growth opportunities. 

a dark blue cloudy sky over a red brick and glass office block
a photo of the Cambridge Biomedical campus, showing a number of cranes in operation around a large construction site, with a number of storeys completed and scaffolding erected to one side.

G R O W I N G  A N D  S H A R I N G  P R O S P E R I T Y

When our local economy succeeds, the national economy benefits.

The growth, innovation and productivity of the Greater Cambridge area brings opportunity and prosperity to the sub-region, region, the rest of the UK and also has a significant global impact.

Renewed infrastructure and connectivity must be delivered to ensure it matches our world class position and status and creates an environment that will facilitate further sustainable growth. 

At the core of this, is the delivery of our major growth corridors. The development and delivery of  the CAM-MK-OX corridor, the Stansted – London corridor and the Cambridge – Norwich corridor are essential in order to for the area to retain its global status and maintain its growth trajectory in a sustainable, managed way.