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 The Greater Cambridge Partnership’s (GCP) Community Sounding Group (CSG) exists to provide challenge and advice from a local perspective to GCP’s developing plans and proposals.

The small group is made up of local residents, interest groups and organisations, with a stake in how Greater Cambridge grows and develops in the coming years.

The CSG intends to complement other means for citizen participation and will help local partners develop investment plans which can support economic growth in Greater Cambridge which are responsive to local needs.

The CSG does not form part of the decision-making process and members are not expected to endorse GCP plans, instead they are asked to provide honest feedback to ‘sense check’ developing GCP proposals.

aerial view of cambridge showing an old church, and some new housing, with green spaces in the background
  •  Edward Leigh – Smarter Cambridge Transport, Petersfield Residents Association, business owner
    Edward Leigh – Smarter Cambridge Transport, Petersfield Residents Association, business owner

    Bio: Edward Leigh is the leader of Smarter Cambridge Transport, chair of the South Petersfield Residents Association, and chair of the Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Panel. He has a professional background in IT and marketing.

    Quote: The Greater Cambridge Partnership and the Combined Authority give this region a once-in-a-generation opportunity to radically transform people's travel options and habits. Our group wants to ensure that this opportunity is realised through smart policies and interventions that have people, not vehicles, at their heart.

    Contact: , 01223 312 377, @SmarterCam (Twitter)

    Edward Leigh Substitute Member: Chris Rand

  • Alan Todd – Chairman, Federation of Small Business (FSB) Greater Cambridge branch (details to follow)
  • Steph Burwitz – Children and Young Peoples’ Services (CHYPS)
    Steph Burwitz -Children and Young Peoples' Services (CHYPS)

    Bio: An officer in Cambridge City Council’s Children and Young People’s Participation Service (ChYpPS), representing children living in Cambridge.  I work as an Engagement Officer, listening to children’s views. I am able to speak directly to children regarding any proposals and get their thoughts.

    Quote:  Children’s’ views are often missed out. I think it’s important that children’s views are listened to and they are encouraged to have their say on issues that directly affect them. Children really do care about traffic and travel in Cambridge, especially the number of cars on the road, unsafe parking and cycle lanes.

  • Lauren Stabler – PhD student, Global Sustainability Institute
    Lauren Stabler- PhD student, Global Sustainability Institute

    Bio: I am a passionate researcher of local and regional governance for transitions toward a sustainable future. My current research project entails working with stakeholders in the housing, social services and public health sectors to imagine game-changing housing initiatives that would benefit the well-being of today’s generation, without compromising the well-being of future generations.

    Quote: As a global citizen first and a resident of Cambridge second, I hope my voice will contribute to fairer discussions of GCP plans. Indeed, the impacts of local infrastructure stretch far beyond the lives of residents, impacting upon the well-being of nature and people around the world.

    Contact: , 0845 196 5117, @lstabler10 (Twitter), LinkedIn

  • Faye Holland - Facilitator
    Faye Holland - Facilitator

    Bio: I am founder of Cofinitive Ltd, a corporate communications company based here in Cambridge. We are experienced communicators working cohesively at all levels of organisations and their stakeholder communities. I am passionate about Cambridge – amongst other things I chair of the Digital Connectivity Group in Cambridge Ahead, and also Project Manage the CPIER (Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Independent Economic Review).

     Quote: As a business leader but also an engaged resident, I often find myself in the middle of conversations around growth, quality of life and community cohesion. There is often a perceived disconnect between ideas and resident’s opinions, and to be able to work collaboratively in advance of project progression is a really great way of engaging individuals and groups proactively.

     Contact: , 07860 863036  @FayeHollandUK (Twitter), LinkedIn

  • James Littlewood – CEO, Cambridge Past Present & FutureJames Littlewood – CEO, Cambridge Past Present & Future

    Bio:  Chief Executive of local civic and environmental charity Cambridge Past, Present & Future.

     I hope to be able to improve GCP processes so that the local community are better able to engage with and inform how projects are developed and taken forwards.

    Contact:, @cppf_pc (Twitter)

  • Flora Raffai – CEO, Cam Sight
    Flora Raffai - CEO, Cam Sight

    Bio: Flóra is the Chief Executive of Cam Sight, a Cambridgeshire charity supporting local people of all ages living with low vision and blindness to live the lives they choose. Prior to this, she was the Executive Director at Findacure, a UK charity building the rare disease community to drive research and develop treatments.

    Quote: I am pleased to represent Cam Sight’s members in the GCP Community Sounding Group, to make sure the needs of people with low vision and blindness are considered and GCP plans are accessible to all.

  • Roxanne De Beaux – Executive Director, Camcycle Roxanne De Beaux - Executive Director, Camcycle

    Bio: Executive Director of Cambridge Cycling Campaign (Camcycle), that works for more, better and safer cycling, for all ages and abilities, in and around Cambridge. It is a democratic, member-led charity, with more than 1,200 members and draws on experienced volunteers and trustees to provide perspective and advice on the range of cycling and transportation issues.                 

    Quote: "The GCP is a great opportunity for Cambridge to invest in cycling infrastructure that will make cycling safer and attractive to more people in Cambridge. Cycling is key to keeping Cambridge moving as we continue to grow. Space in our city is constrained and cycling is the most efficient method of transportation and already used by at least a third of people commuting to work in the city. It’s cost-effective, good for the environment and good for our health. We’ll be representing the needs of cyclists to ensure that what is built by GCP will work for all ages and abilities of cyclists."

    Contact:, @camcycle (Twitter)

    Roxanne De Beaux Substitute Member: Matthew Danish

CSG actions - 12-3-18

GCP Community Sounding Group Terms of Reference

  • pdf
  • 365.94 KB

Published on 22 Oct 2018

2018-03-12 CSG actions (002)

  • pdf
  • 125.57 KB

Published on 22 Oct 2018

06 Jun 2019

Cambourne to Cambridge Better Public Transport Project Local Liaison Forum

6:30 — 8:30 PM
Cambourne Village College ,Sheepfold Lane , Cambourne , Cambridgeshire , CB23 6FR , United Kingdom

13 Mar 2019

Cambourne to Cambridge consultation event Caldecote

5:00 — 7:30 PM
Caldecote Primary School ,Highfields Road , Caldecote , CB23 7NX

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Cambourne to Cambridge

04 Feb 2019
1:20 PM

Cambourne to Cambridge Better Transport Project - Phase 2 Consultation


Consultation ended: 31 Mar 2019 at 11:59 PM

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