GCP Response to ICO Decision Notice FER0849920

I write further to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) judgement on your complaint against the Greater Cambridge Partnership’s (GCP) handling of a Freedom of Information/Environmental Information Regulations request, raised by you on 16 January 2019.

Having considered the ICO’s decision notice and the reasons given for that decision we are somewhat surprised at the outcome in light of the evidence presented. The ICO’s conclusion appears ambiguous in its judgement of a failure to demonstrate engagement of regulation 12(4) whilst, conversely, confirming the GCP’s entitlement to withhold personal information under regulation 13 and upholding engagement of the regulation 12(5) exception, noting that public interest in maintaining the exception is greater than the public interest of disclosure. All final GCP project reports and supporting documents were made available online as a matter of course, as demonstrated by comprehensive online scheme libraries. We intend to raise these concerns direct with the ICO.

Nevertheless, whilst recognising GCP has a right of appeal against the ICO’s decision, in the interests of absolute transparency and notwithstanding our concerns, in compliance with the ICO’s decision notice, please find attached the requested correspondence with, a small amount of information redacted under Regulations 12(5)(f) and 13.

GCP Response - ICO ref FER0849920

Published on 04 Jun 2020

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