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New cycle stands to be installed in time for Cycle September

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Experts assembled to support Citizens' Assembly

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GCP meetings postponed following general election announcement

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Cycle September champions presented awards

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FLEXIBLE CHARGE -Charging motor vehicles to drive into and around Cambridge at the busiest times.

  • Estimated Congestion Reduction
    15% various charging options available to meet required congestion reduction.
  • Potential Revenue Raised Per Year 
    £40 million+ depending on scheme definition.


  • Could deliver the required reduction in traffic
  • Potential to provide further funding for cheaper fares, and walking and cycling enhancements
  • Provides long-term funding for public transport
  • Flexibility would enable scheme to tackle busiest times and to evolve over time.
  • Could work alongside a pollution charge


  • Risk that cars avoid the area, leading to greater congestion elsewhere
  • The scheme could be perceived as unfairly penalising those who live outside Cambridge, but evidence shows that 50% of Journeys are within the city