Choices For Better Journeys: Pollution Charge

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POLLUTION CHARGE  -Charging polluting vehicles to drive into and around Cambridge.

  • Estimated Congestion Reduction
    Up to 15% initially but could decrease as vehicles become cleaner.
  • Potential Revenue Raised Per Year 
    £25 million depending on scheme definition, but could decrease as vehicles become cleaner.


  • Cleaner air and fewer deaths and illnesses related to air pollution
  • Encourages drivers to move to less polluting vehicles
  • lncentivises businesses to upgrade their fleets
  • Effective (in the short term) in encouraging use of public transport, walking and cycling


  • As vehicles become cleaner, fewer will be affected by the charge and congestion may rise again, and revenues for public transport would fall
  • Risk that drivers avoid the area, leading to greater congestion and pollution elsewhere
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