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The Project

The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) wants to encourage active travel across Greater Cambridge. Active travel is defined in the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Local Transport Plan as “physically active modes such as cycling, walking, or horse riding. It also includes walking or cycling as part of a longer journey”.

We have already invested over £115m in active travel, including the Chisholm Trail, the Greater Cambridge Greenways and cycling improvements as part of the cross-city cycling programme.

The GCP has an indicative budget of £20 million to spend on further improvements to the active travel network.

Cyclist crossing Jesus Green

Active Travel Opportunities

In March 2021 we published a study on Active Travel Opportunities as part of our Future Investment Strategy. It identified 13 cycle corridors that have a significant amount of cycle traffic within Cambridge and the Greater Cambridge area and which could benefit from improvements as part of creating a joined up active travel network. The full report is here: GCP Future Investment Strategy Active Travel Study

The £20m identified by the GCP could help to fund schemes on two or three of these corridors.

Current status

In July and August 2021 we carried out a public consultation, Cycling Plus.

As part of the consultation we wanted to find out:

  • whether and how often people use active travel to get into and around Cambridge
  • what the barriers are that might discourage people from cycling, walking or using other active options for getting around.

Finally, we wanted people to:

  • think about their priorities for active travel investment as well as the 13 possible corridors identified in the Active Travel Opportunities report and whether there are any other possible routes we should consider.

The feedback from the Cycling Plus consultation will be considered by our Joint Assembly at its meeting on 18 November before being submitted to our Executive Board for a decision at its meeting on 9 December 2021.

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