Greater Cambridge Citizens' Assembly Observers

Arrangements for Observers

There will be a limited number of places available to observe the Citizens’ Assembly. 

The Assembly will be meeting on 7th and 8th September and 5th and 6th October during the daytime from around 10am – 5pm.  If we have more observers than spaces we will offer time limited slots and also prioritise in the following order:  

  • Members of the Executive Board
  • Members of the Joint Assembly
  • Other councillors of the three partner councils
  • Members of the Citizens’ Assembly Advisory Group/Innovation in Democracy Programme funders/partners
  • Members of the press – specifically reporters on Local Democracy
  • Advocacy and Interest Groups (with preference to local representatives first)
  • Members of the public (with preference to local representatives first)
  • Researchers/interested parties in democracy

Observers cannot take part in the deliberations but can watch the evidence giving and discussions.  The evidence sessions will also be livestreamed on the GCP Facebook page and the recordings added to this site.

Observers will have to sign up to ground rules aimed at ensuring the Assembly Members are able to undertake their work unhindered. 

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