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P R O J E C T  S U M M A R Y

The Greater Cambridge Partnership is creating a package of ‘quick wins’ to improve road safety, reduce congestion and enhance the city region’s cycling network.

The ‘quick wins’ expected to be delivered by the end of 2020 include new bus lanes on the approach to the A11 and Linton, junction safety upgrades, new crossing points and more cycle storage at Babraham Road Park & Ride.

The first of these quick wins have now been delivered in the Stapleford to Sawston route.  You can read all about it here.

Work is now currently being undertaken to improve cycling on Yarrow Road in Cherry Hinton. You can read all about it along with the full list of quick wins below.

Yarrow Road, Cherry Hinton:

The current Yarrow Road footpath, between Fulbourn Road and just past the Tesco crossing, is being replaced with a 3.5m wide shared use foot/cycleway; the side road corners are being tightened and crossings improved (including visibility for all users). The Pelican crossing to Tesco’s (west of the Tesco roundabout) will be upgraded to a Toucan crossing for pedestrians and cyclists to use.

Construction works will begin the week of 8 October 2018 – the contractor will be Marlborough, as on the Fulbourn Road cycleway scheme. The footpath may be temporarily closed for short periods during the works. Signs will be used to inform residents and local businesses of any footpath closures and diversion routes. The contractors will try to keep the footpath closures down to a minimum. 


Stapleford to Sawston – Phase 1:

A route from Stapleford to Sawston is heavily used by local residents and school children during term time. The path is to be sided out, resurfaced and given new edgings to increase width, improve existing conditions and reduce future vegetation creep. Work teams are to be mobilised in August to make improvements during school holidays so path closures will not negatively affect the commute for school children. Additionally, a small stretch outside Sawston Village College along New Road is to be resurfaced to rejuvenate a degrading path also heavily used by school children.


Rampton to the Busway:

The Reynolds Drove byway between Rampton and the existing busway track is a well-used track for commuters, leisure cyclist and walkers and agricultural traffic. As part of the Greenways aim to improve village connections to the busway, resurfacing of the drove is being explored, which will improve the surface for non-motor users and be a starting point for future local connections as developments such as Northstowe take shape in the area.


Willingham to the Busway:

The existing path from Willingham to the busway is of acceptable width. However, some of this width is restricted due to vegetation growth. A process of siding out the path to gain back half a metre of path is being investigated alongside the adjustment of some signs along the route to reduce conflict between users passing each other.


Girton/Oakington to the Busway:

This existing path along New Road links the villages of Girton and Oakington to the Busway. Some of the path width is currently restricted by vegetation growth, so siding out and vegetation cutting back is being investigated, alongside any other improvements including resurfacing or widening as necessary. The shared use path along the main Oakington Road/Cambridge Road between Girton and Oakington, including the junction with New Road, is currently being improved through a separate project by the County Council.


Renewal of Solar Studs:

A network of solar studs was introduced around the County some years ago. Many of these are coming to the end of their life span. A process of identifying those most susceptible to failure and replacing them is underway.


Road Resurfacing (Fen Road, Milton; Cambridge Road, Milton; Walnut Tree Avenue, Cambridge):

Several roads have been identified as candidates for improvement. These are roads that would not otherwise be resurfaced imminently by other council teams whose improvement would benefit those using for commute leisure purposes.


Cottenham to Oakington:

Residents of Cottenham and Oakington have frequently highlighted a need for improved cycle facilities between the two villages. Options surrounding an off road and on road route along Oakington Road are being investigated.


Wadloes Path, Fen Ditton:

Throughout engagement and consultation processes, the cycling team has identified Wadloes Path in Fen Ditton as in need of improvement. Subsequently, resurfacing works and replacement of the solar studs is being investigated.


Comberton to Barton:

The existing path between Comberton and Barton is used frequently by commuters and school children attending Comberton Village College. Throughout Greenways early engagement, many responders expressed a desire for this path to be improved. Investigations are currently underway to identify where the path can be widened and what stretches are in need of resurfacing. Improvements may form the basis for a Greenway in the future.

In addition to these initial quick wins, we will be creating and improving even more walking and cycling routes as part of our Greenways scheme. These ‘Greenways’ consist of 12 different cycle, walking and where possible equestrian routes that connect surrounding villages with the city. They will open up routes for travelling sustainably, reduce congestion and encourage modal shift out of the motor vehicle.

These routes have been developed with help from local residents and cycling user groups. All of them will go through a process of public consultation before final designs are created.

You can find more information about the Greenways on their webpage.

Yarrow Road works 1

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Published on 08 Oct 2018

Yarrow Road works 2

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Published on 08 Oct 2018