GCP corridor schemes

GCP corridor schemes

As the delivery body for the Greater Cambridge City Deal, the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) is delivering a comprehensive package of sustainable transport initiatives, working with local authority partners to create a world-class network that can meet the needs of the area now and into the future.

The development of infrastructure is well underway, offering better public transport and active travel[1] routes along four corridors identified as essential to link growing communities to the north, south east, east and west.

Each of the four corridor schemes creates vital links with key employment hubs across the city: from Waterbeach to the north; improving access from the east; providing links to Babraham Research Campus and Granta Park to the southeast; and, extending westward toward Cambourne via Bourn Airfield.

Between 2011 and 2031, significant additional new homes are planned and an increase in jobs in development locations to the north and east of Cambridge, Cambridge Northern Fringe, Cambridge North West, Cambridge Southern Fringe and Waterbeach.

The GCP’s public transport schemes aim to better connect growing communities with opportunities and ensure that planned housing and employment growth can be accommodated without increasing levels of traffic, by making public transport and active travel more reliable and attractive.

The routes will be served by modern, electric vehicles to limit air pollution and noise and Cambourne and Cambridge South public transport links are complemented by new travel hub/s to encourage park and ride journeys and end-to-end space for active travel, like walking and cycling.

[1] Active travel is any means of travelling that requires physical activity, such as cycling or walking.

[2] The GCP delivery programme is based on the policy framework established by the local planning and transport authorities. This includes the Local Transport Plan.


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