How can Cambridge address the challenge of having more people moving around the city, in ways that enhance our quality of life and preserve the city’s heritage?

A morning seminar of discussions and presentations

  • 09:00 Registration and coffee
  • 09:30 Welcome: Ros Aveling (Cambridge Past, Present & Future)
  • 09:40 Thought-provoking presentations:
    Sharing spaces: Robert Myers (landscape designer)
    Green spaces: Joel Carré (Cambridge City Council)
    Movement: Charlene Rohr (RAND Europe)
    Design: Kieran Perkins (5th Studio)
  • 10:50 Coffee
  • 11:10 Give us your views
  • 12:10 Discussion, led by Cllr Lewis Herbert (Leader of Cambridge City Council)

Facilitators for the breakout groups:

  1. Rachel Stopard (Greater Cambridge Partnership)
  2. Graham Hughes (Cambridgeshire County Council)
  3. Cllr Rosy Moore (Cambridge City Council)
  4. Cllr Anna Smith (Cambridge City Council)
  5. Matthew Bullock (St Edmunds College)
  6. Emma Fletcher (Smithson Hill)
  7. Stephen Kelly (Cambridge City Council)
  8. Jonathan Brookes (Cambridge City Council)
  9. Mark Richards (Studio 24 Architects)
  10. Jim Chisholm (Cambridge Cycling Campaign)

Please be aware that spaces are limited and to book, please reserve a space through Eventbrite.

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