Covid-19 Trial measures for pedestrians and cyclists

Covid-19 Trial measures for pedestrians and cyclists

Published: Wednesday, September 02, 2020
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Trial measures to make it easier for people to travel around Greater Cambridge on foot and bicycle during the recovery from Covid-19 have now been implemented.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership has completed the roll out of the trial schemes, known as Experimental Traffic Regulation Orders (ETROs), to encourage people help maintain social distancing while walking or cycling during the recovery from Covid-19.

 These trial schemes - developed with Cambridgeshire County Council – were installed quickly to support people during the pandemic and allow people the tell GCP what they think before decisions about which, if any, to make permanent.

In some locations concrete barriers were used as these were the only measures available at short notice. These will be replaced with timber planters as soon as possible. Sensors are also being installed at the site at each scheme to monitor the effectiveness of these experimental measures.

 The full list of the Greater Cambridge Partnership’s schemes and when the sensors will be in operation is below:


Experimental Scheme

Sensor locations




Carlyle Road closure

· Carlyle Road (south and north of closure point)

· Alpha Road (south of East Hertford Street)

· Hertford Street (south of East Hertford Street)

· St. Luke’s Street

· Searle Street






14th to 25th September


Luard Road

· Luard Road (east of Luard Close)

· Sedley Taylor Road




Newtown area (phase 1)

Bateman Street, Coronation Street and Pemberton Terrace closures)

· Bateman Street

· Norwich Street

· Coronation Street

· Union Road

· Panton Street

· St. Eligius Street

· Brookside




2nd to 23rd October

Newtown area (phase 2)

Additional closures in Panton Street with the one-way flow reversed in Norwich Street to be implemented in the week beginning 26th October

· Bateman Street

· Norwich Street

· Coronation Street

· Union Road

· Panton Street




23rd November to 20th December

Storey’s Way

· Storey’s Way (either side of the closure)





2nd to 15th November

Silver Street

· Trumpington Street

· Silver Street (east of bus gate)

· Fen Causeway


The trial period can last for a maximum of 18 months before decisions need to be made on whether to keep the changes. A period of public consultation on the schemes will be held later this year but people can also share their feedback now by emailing

 The full details of each scheme are available on the project page on the GCP website:

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