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Cambridge South East Transport A1307 schemes

Background information

This page gives further background information on the Cambridge South East Transport Phase 1 project. A more general overview and updates can also be found on the main project page.

Scheme Details

Phase 1 looks at road safety, active travel routes and bus priority measures along the A1307 between Haverhill and Cambridge.

A1307 Strip Map_double page spread- Overarching point 12 update 10-02-2020


Please note, the above map was part of the original proposals put to public consultation in 2018. Some of the schemes have now been completed, others may have changed slightly or are no longer being taken forward.

Current scheme status

Scheme 3 - Linton Greenway

  • A new and improved active travel path for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders from Cambridge to Linton.
  • Sections 1 and 2 run alongside the A1307 between Addenbrooke’s and Babraham Research Campus (BRC). This would consist of widening of existing paths and verges to provide a path for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders, separated from the carriageway.
  • The route would continue through the Babraham Research Campus and the village of Babraham to the A11 footbridge (this section already exists).
  • The footbridge would be upgraded with improved ramps to allow for easier cycle access (see scheme 8).
  • The route would then continue on-road through Little and Great Abington to the Hildersham crossroads.
  • Hildersham crossroads would be improved to help active travel users cross the A1307 (see scheme 9).
  • Sections of the active travel path between Hildersham and Linton have already been widened.
  • Construction is currently ongoing between Babraham Road Park & Ride and Hinton Way roundabout.
  • More information on Greenways can be found in the Greenways section.

Scheme 4 - Haverhill Road junction safety improvements

  • The existing crossroads would be changed to a staggered junction.
  • Moving Haverhill Road further away from the crest of the hill would improve visibility and safety.
  • The 50 mph speed limit would be extended.
  • Right turn lanes would not be permitted from either the Haverhill Road or the Farm Shop.
  • An additional right-turn lane would be created for the Farm Shop traffic not permitted to turn right at the entrance.
  • Planning application for the proposals are scheduled to be submitted mid 2022.

Scheme 8 – Active travel crossing of A11 via improved footbridge & underpass

  • Adding access ramps to the existing stepped footbridge over the A11 would allow use by cyclists and mobility-impaired users.
  • Approach routes would be upgraded to bridleway status, resurfaced and stud lighting provided.
  • Horse riders would be directed south to the existing underpass alongside the River Granta. This route is in the flood plain, but modelling indicates it is unaffected most of the year.
  • The existing bridge is too narrow for use by horses and cannot be widened.
  • This scheme is closely connected with the Phase 2 proposals for a new public transport route and travel hub. It will be built as part of the Phase 2 proposals which, if approved, would open in late 2024 at the earliest.

Scheme 9 - Signalise Hildersham crossroads with Toucan/Pegasus crossing

  • Road safety improvements for all users of this junction.
  • New traffic signals at Pampisford Road will help traffic join the A1307 safely.
  • New traffic signals for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders will help to safely cross the A1307.
  • Links the active travel route from the A11 to the path on the north side of the A1307 to Linton.
  • The new junction will be lit to improve safety at night.
  • New dedicated right-turn lanes from the A1307 into Pampisford Road and Hildersham High Street, and
  • an improved left-turn from the A1307 to Hildersham High Street will be created.
  • A 40mph speed limit will be introduced to control traffic speed and improve safety along the A1307 in the area of the new signalised junction.
  • New bus shelters and road signage will be provided.
  • Construction started in February 2022 and will take around six months to complete.
  • More information on the improved junction and traffic management during construction can be found in the briefing note below.

Scheme 15 - Bartlow Road roundabout

  • Replacing the existing Bartlow Road crossroads with a roundabout will make it safer to get onto the A1307.
  • Construction of the roundabout could start in spring/summer 2022.

Scheme 16 – Dean Road crossroads

  • Closing the gap in the central reservation on the A1307 at the Dean Road crossroads to prevent vehicles crossing the A1307, which is unsafe on a fast dual-carriageway.
  • Vehicles would instead be able to turn right at Bartlow Road, where a new roundabout is proposed (see scheme 15).
  • Construction of this scheme is linked to scheme 15 and would follow on from that.

Scheme 18 – Wandlebury crossings

  • Improving active travel crossings of the A1307 in the Wandlebury area.
  • Reducing the dual carriageways to single lanes.
  • Reducing the speed limit to 50 mph.
  • This scheme could be implemented by summer/autumn 2022.

Scheme 19 – Babraham Road Park & Ride expansion

  • Providing an additional 159 car parking spaces at Babraham Road Park & Ride.
  • A planning application for this scheme has been submitted to Cambridgeshire County Council and can be viewed here.
  • If approved, construction could start in spring 2022.

Completed schemes

Scheme 1 – Granham’s Road junction - right-turn lane

  • A new right-turn lane from A1307 into Granham’s Road will make the junction safer for all road users.
  • It will help traffic on A1307 pass queued cars more easily.
  • The current traffic island will be removed and the junction simplified.

Scheme 2 - Extra cycle storage at Babraham Road Park & Ride

  • Extra covered cycle parking would encourage Park & Cycle into Cambridge.
  • Extra electric car charging points.

Scheme 6 - Signalised active travel crossing – Babraham Research Campus (BRC) roundabout

  • A new signalised crossing at the BRC roundabout, linking the active travel path along the A1307 to Babraham village

Scheme 7 – Babraham High Street junction and Eastbound bus lane at A11

  • A new bus lane along the A1307 towards Haverhill from Babraham to the A11
  • Safety improvements at Babraham High Street junction

Scheme 10 - Linton Eastbound bus lane and safety improvements at Dalehead Foods junction

  • A new bus lane along the A1307 towards Haverhill on the approach to the Linton Village College junction and
  • safety improvements at the junction for the Grain Store and Dalehead Foods accesses.

Scheme 11 - Linton Village College junction signal upgrade

  • Upgraded traffic lights to reduce delays

Scheme 12 - traffic lights at Linton High Street junction

  • New traffic lights to help vehicles get out of Linton High Street onto the A1307 safely

Scheme 17 - Horseheath to Linton safety improvements

  • Average speed cameras have been installed to regulate speeding and make journeys safer.

Schemes no longer taken forward

This is a list of schemes, which were proposed at the 2018 public consultation, but are no longer taken forward.

Scheme 5 - Wandlebury multi-user underpass

  • This proposal is being replaced by Scheme 18 – Wandlebury crossings.

Scheme 13 - Measures to ease bus movements in Linton

  • We are working with Linton Parish Council on potential measures to ease the movement of buses through Linton.
  • These would be subject to separate funding and local consultation.

Scheme 14 - Westbound bus lanes on approach to B1052 junction

  • This scheme is no longer going ahead.

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