The Smart Cambridge programme explores how data and technology can improve the lives of people in the Greater Cambridge area.

It was established as a Greater Cambridge Partnership workstream in August 2015. This dynamic programme looks at how the latest digital technologies can improve the economic strength and sustainability of the area.

Local councils, technology businesses, university researchers and partner organisations are working with Smart Cambridge to find smart ways to tackle city challenges like transport and air quality.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership continues to invest in the programme so it can focus on transport-related work. This is so new and existing communities in Greater Cambridge can benefit from a range of smart solutions.

This is through:

- Better collection and use of data.

- Making digital solutions part of everyday life.

- Working with a range of partners.

A suite of air quality and traffic flow sensors, providing important information about congestion in the city


Digital technology is now part of almost every aspect of modern living. Smart technology uses digital connectivity and data in new ways to address three key areas:

  • Transport:to make it easier to use public transport and reduce congestion.
  • Environment: better ways to manage water, energy and air quality.
  • Smart living: improving the quality of life for people in and around the city.


The Smart programme was established to bring together local businesses, researchers, councils and partners to explore how data, technology and connectivity can transform the way people use the city’s transport network; to reduce congestion and boost the local economy.

The programme is supported by Cambridgeshire County Council's Connecting Cambridgeshire programme. Connecting Cambridgeshire is improving digital connectivity to drive economic growth, help businesses and communities thrive, and make it easier to access public services. They are working to significantly extend public access Wifi and improve mobile coverage while supporting the delivery of future-proof full fibre and 5G networks. This will enable more flexible working and help reduce traffic congestion.

A graphic showing traffic, air quality, bus, train, and parking sensors all relaying information to a central hub


Smart Cambridge is paving the way for ground-breaking research to support the Greater Cambridge Partnership’s aims to improve the transport infrastructure in and around the city.

As agreed at the Executive Board in December 2020, the wider work of the programme will cover the following items over the next four years:

  • Better travel and transport information for journeys to support the development of travel hubs.
  • Smarter signalling.
  • Embedding smart solutions into new and existing communities.
  • Future transport initiatives including driverless vehicles.
  • Measuring traveller behaviour change in response to new schemes.

The Smart Cambridge programme is working with a wide range of cutting edge tech businesses and is keen to collaborate with anyone who can contribute.  


Smart Cambridge publishes reports and studies on a range of work. The latest of these include:

  • A joint study with the Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction (CSIC) to investigate how people feel about the collection and use of data to support a Digital Twin type model.
  • An Autonomous Vehicle strategy developed by Professor John Miles of the University of Cambridge. It investigate the barriers and opportunities related to using autonomous vehicles alongside the current public transport system around Cambridge.
  • Topic papers developed by the Smart team to encourage the use of smart solutions in new communities (such as North East Cambridge) as early as possible. Digital Infrastructure, Environmental Monitoring and Future Mobility.
  • Further information, reports and studies are available on the Connecting Cambridgeshire website Smart programme pages.
Smart Signals presentation 21 July 2021

Published on 22 Jul 2021

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