Smart Cambridge is exploring how data, innovative technology and better connectivity can be used to transform the way people live, work and travel in the Greater Cambridge area and beyond.

Established as a workstream in August 2015, this rapidly evolving programme is harnessing emerging technologies to improve the economic strength and sustainability of the area.

Local councils, technology businesses, university researchers and partner organisations are working together to find smart ways to tackle city challenges, such as transport and air quality.

With investment from the Greater Cambridge City Partnership, the Smart Cambridge programme is being scaled up from 2017-2020, to focus on maximising the impact of transport-related work through:

-        Better quantity, quality and use of data

-        Embedding digital solutions and emerging technology

-        Collaboration with business, community and academic sectors

The pioneering research is managed through Connecting Cambridgeshire and is overseen by a Project Board and an Advisory Group to steer the work and give technical guidance.

A suite of air quality and traffic flow sensors, providing important information about congestion in the city

We have a unique opportunity to combine the brainpower and business might of Greater Cambridge to drive success – not just for our region but for the UK economy.


Digital technology underpins almost every aspect of modern living across work, travel, leisure and health. Smart cities technology builds on this, using digital connectivity and data in innovative ways to address city challenges in four key areas:

  • Transport: making travel easier, reducing congestion, and exploring intelligent mobility
  • Environment: managing our water, energy, air quality and waste
  • Healthcare: catering for an ageing population and providing public health
  • Smart living: improving the quality of life for communities in and around the city.

Smart Cambridge aims to ensure that Greater Cambridge is a ‘smart city region’ by providing the infrastructure needed to collect and analyse data that can be used to develop innovative solutions to some of the area’s challenges. 


Smart Cambridge was established as a programme by the City Deal Board in August 2015 bringing together local businesses, researchers, councils and partners to explore how data, innovative technology and better connectivity can help to transform the way people use the city’s transport network, reduce congestion and boost the local economy.

The programme is supported by Cambridgeshire County Council's Connecting Cambridgeshire programme, which is improving the county’s digital infrastructure with better broadband, free public Wi-Fi and wider mobile coverage- bringing opportunities for more flexible working and less traffic congestion.  

A graphic showing traffic, air quality, bus, train, and parking sensors all relaying information to a central hub

Smart Cambridge is harnessing the power of data and emerging technology to develop innovative solutions to transport and other challenges


Smart Cambridge is paving the way for ground-breaking research to support the Greater Cambridge City Deal’s aims to improve the transport infrastructure in and around the city.

Over the next three years, the wider work of the programme will cover:

-        better travel and transport information for journeys

-        easier payment options including integrated ticketing and online payments

-        smarter signalling

-        monitoring of air quality

-        future transport initiatives including driverless vehicles.

The Smart Cambridge programme is working with a wide range of cutting edge tech’ businesses and is keen to collaborate with anyone who can contribute. The Smart Cambridge Advisory Group includes: ARM, Anglia Ruskin University, BT, Cambridge Wireless, CCS, University of Cambridge Computing Laboratory, Information Services and Engineering Departments, Cambridge Cleantech - Smart Cities SIG, Microsoft Research, Redgate, Thingful, TTP and others.


Smart Cambridge has published the findings of three feasibility studies looking at how ‘intelligent mobility’ - including autonomous (driverless) vehicles and ‘smart’ ticketing - could help to transform public transport across the region.

The reports have been commissioned by the Greater Cambridge Partnership (formerly City Deal) with the support of Cambridge Ahead to gather technical expertise and evidence to inform future investment decisions.

They include:

The research is part of on-going work by the GCP to find future-proof transport solutions that will reduce traffic congestion, parking and pollution problems for Cambridge and the wider region. The reports and further information are available here on the Smart Cambridge website.

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