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This page provides further background information on the A1307, Three Campuses to Cambridge project. Please also have  a look at the main A1307 project page for the latest news and a summary of the options.

The preferred options for the A1307 project include (continued from main A1307 project page):

Granta Park to Babraham Research Campus

  • new and improved off-road cycle and walking links
  • improvements to the existing A11 footbridge
  • new Park and Ride near the A11/A1307 interchange


  • Cambridge-bound bus lane on the A1307 approach to the High Street junction
  • Village College junction improvements
  • High Street improvements to improve journey for buses

Linton to Horseheath

  • road safety improvements

Sustainable travel

The preferred options aim to increase sustainable travel and reduce the number of cars coming into Cambridge, easing the congestion seen on today’s roads.                    

Dedicated cycling routes encourage travel by bike and offer a safer alternative to busy roads. Segregated bus links, including bus-only roads and busways, make bus travel quicker, more reliable and a more attractive way to travel. Cycling and walking links could also potentially be used by other non-motorised modes of transport.


There are important monuments and areas of countryside around the A1307 including Wandlebury Country Park, the Magog Down and Nine Wells. Reducing the impact of any transport improvements on the environment will be an important part of developing these options further.

How were these options developed?

This project began by considering the whole route from Haverhill to Cambridge, including the disused railway and links to the key employment sites.

In 2015 key stakeholders including politicians and employment site representatives identified transport problems and ideas for potential travel improvements in the A1307 area and for links between major employment sites (Granta Park, Babraham Research Campus and Cambridge Biomedical Campus).

A range of different ideas were put forward, including reopening the Haverhill to Cambridge railway, a bypass for Linton and creating a dual carriageway along the A1307 route. Initial technical work helped to determine and compare the benefits of different ideas and to develop concepts.

The benefits and the costs of these concepts were considered against their ability to meet the objectives of the City Deal programme. The rail and road dualling concepts were found not to be affordable or deliverable within the scope of the City Deal.

In March 2016 a report on a range of potential options was presented to the Executive Board. The Board approved consultation on these options in summer 2016. 

Public Engagement

A public consultation on initial concepts for new and improved bus and cycle links took place from 16 June to 1 August 2016.  A total of 17,000 leaflets were distributed to residents, parish councils, libraries, doctors’ surgeries and employment sites. The consultation was also advertised online, on social media, at bus stops, on buses and in libraries.  Seven public exhibition events were held across the area.

The image below shows the key findings from the 2016 public consultation. A more detailed breakdown and analysis of the results can be found in the consultation report.

pdf A1307 Concepts Report 26 01 2016

7.21 MB


pdf A1307 Environmental Constraints Map 1 26.05.2016

1.79 MB


pdf A1307 Environmental Constraints Map 1a 29.06.2016

4.43 MB


pdf A1307 Environmental Constraints Map 2 26.05.2016

1.73 MB


pdf A1307 Environmental Constraints Map 3 26.05.2016

1.74 MB


pdf A1307 Project Brief for consultants 2014

599.87 KB


pdf A1307 Rail Viability Technical note 27.11.2015

2.13 MB


pdf A1307 Road Viability Technical Note 22.01.2016

986.72 KB


pdf A1307 Traffic Surveys Technical Note 06.10.2014

3.31 MB


pdf A1307 Transport Route Map 05.08.2015

5.76 MB


pdf A1307 Presentation 15.06.2016

1.07 MB


pdf A1307 Preferred Options Report Appendix A 17.02.2017

1.72 MB