Cambourne to Cambridge - Proposed Route

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GCP’s sustainable corridor schemes are complemented by travel hubs to encourage park and ride journeys and end-to-end walking, cycling and horse riding to create a continuous link to the city from growing villages and towns and to create additional capacity for growing numbers of cyclists. The schemes are intended to be served by modern, electric public transport vehicles to limit air pollution and noise and to be adaptable over time to developing transport technology in future vehicles.

The C2C proposed route alignment runs on-road through Cambourne and plans will continue to be reviewed to ensure compliance with developing Cambridge Autonomous Metro (CAM) proposals. Officers also remain committed to close working with the Cambridge and Peterborough Combined Authority (CPCA) and with East West Rail to ensure alignment with the emerging Bedford to Cambridge route and Cambourne station location.

The route continues off-road on a dedicated track passing through Bourn Airfield on a corridor defined in the Supplementary Planning Document and running south along the A428/A1303 via a new Travel Hub site at Scotland Farm.

Continuing off-road from Madingley Mulch Roundabout and passing to the north of Coton Village, the route progressing via the West Cambridge site up to the closest possible point within central Cambridge. Services would then continue to the city centre and to key employment sites - Cambridge Biomedical Campus, Addenbrooke’s Hospital and Cambridge Science Park. 


There has been extensive assessment of two options for the section connecting West Cambridge to Grange Road via Adams Road or Rifle Range alignments and both route options have always shown benefits and drawbacks.

The GCP Executive Board noted Rifle Range as the highest performing option in December 2018 and the project team were instructed to undertake further assessment on the two alignments.

In response to further concerns raised, including the potential impact on the green belt, in late 2019, proposals were revised to connect West Cambridge to Grange Road via Adams Road.

Subsequent to this in February 2020, the Mayor Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority (CPCA) called for a sub-strategy to the Local Transport Plan agreed in January 2020, setting out the vision for the Cambridgeshire Autonomous Metro (CAM) as a whole system. Along with three other corridor schemes, the C2C project forms Phase 1 of the emerging CAM scheme, part of a network of regional routes planned for delivery by 2024.

After reviewing the draft sub-strategy, in order to ensure full compliance with the requirement for the CAM and its component schemes to be dedicated, segregated routes, and in light of significant local stakeholder concerns regarding cycling safety for a route via Adams Road, the route put forward in the C2C business case has been updated to return to the previously proposed Rifle Range alignment.


Our project team continues to welcome views and contributions from stakeholders throughout development of plans for the route.


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