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This page provides further background information on the South East Cambridge Transport Study project. A more general overview and updates can be found on the main project page.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership began by considering what could be done to improve the levels of congestion, journey times, and the air quality along the A1307. 

In 2015, key stakeholders including politicians and employment site representatives identified transport problems and ideas for potential improvements along the A1307 and for links between major employment sites (Granta Park, Babraham Research Campus, and Cambridge Biomedical Campus).

As a result, a range of different options were put forward, including re-opening the Haverhill to Cambridge railway, a bypass for Linton and creating a dual carriageway along the A1307 route. Initial technical work helped to determine and compare the benefits of different ideas and to develop concepts. 

The benefits and costs of these concepts were considered against their ability to meet the objectives of the Greater Cambridge Partnership programme. The rail and road dualling concepts were found not to be affordable or deliverable within the scope of the Greater Cambridge Partnership. 

Following public consultation which took place from 16 June to 1 August 2016, it was decided that three options would be carried forward which the Executive Board agreed to in March 2017. These three options are the focus of the public consultation which will take place in 2018. 

All three strategies which will be consulted on include bus priority, junction improvements, walking and cycling measures and road safety improvements along the A1307 between Haverhill and Cambridge. It is intended to progress these works, subject to consultation as quickly as possible. 

pdf A1307 Concepts Report 26 01 2016

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pdf A1307 Environmental Constraints Map 1 26.05.2016

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pdf A1307 Environmental Constraints Map 1a 29.06.2016

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pdf A1307 Environmental Constraints Map 2 26.05.2016

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pdf A1307 Environmental Constraints Map 3 26.05.2016

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pdf A1307 Project Brief for consultants 2014

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pdf A1307 Rail Viability Technical note 27.11.2015

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pdf A1307 Road Viability Technical Note 22.01.2016

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pdf A1307 Traffic Surveys Technical Note 06.10.2014

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pdf A1307 Transport Route Map 05.08.2015

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pdf A1307 Presentation 15.06.2016

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pdf A1307 Preferred Options Report Appendix A 17.02.2017

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