Cross City Cycling


  • Reduced congestion
  • Improve health
  • Improve air quality
  • Easier to cycle
  • More cycle parking
  • Improve safety
  • Clear cycle routes

P R O J E C T  S U M M A R Y

Cross City Cycling is a cycling scheme made up of five different projects across Cambridge.

Each scheme aims to improve walking and cycling links to schools and employment centres.

They will help to reduce congestion and improve air quality, health and road safety.

Map showing principle employment and residential centres and developments, with 5 key cycling access projects: A) Arbury Rd, B) Cambridge North/Science Park, C) Ditton Lane/East Cambridge, D) Hills Road/Addenbrookes, and E) Fulbourn/Cherry Hinton

Five new cycling schemes to increase Cambridge's cycle network


In January 2015, the Executive Board agreed that the Cross City Cycling scheme should form part of the City Deal programme. A report was presented at the August 2015 Executive Board to approve the five Cross City Cycling projects and to consult on these. The Executive Board agreed to these recommendations and to receive a report on the consultation.

A public consultation was held on the five projects in January 2016. The results were then reported to the Board in June 2016. The Board approved all five projects and increased the funding for the Cross City Cycling scheme.

All reports and background documents can be found in the documents section below. Information on the individual projects is on the project pages. 

View along a main road, with a pedestrian and cycle crossing leading past a park.

Connecting residents with people, workplaces and local facilities.

Cycling in Cambridge

Cycle lane along Green End Road
Green End Road


The Cross City Cycling projects have been awarded a total of £8 million of City Deal funding to complete all 5 projects.




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