Project summary

This is one of five Cross City Cycling projects that aim to reduce congestion and improve air quality, health and road safety. The project is designed to improve links to schools, homes and places of employment in this part of Cambridge. Northern Cambridge is expanding, with new residential areas and facilities. Active travel to places of work and study will be safer and easier.

Arbury Court Toucan Crossing
Map providing information of the Arbury Road cycling scheme

Key Benefits

  • Active travel can lead to a quieter, safer and less-polluted environment
  • Using Arbury Road to connect residential and amenity areas in Northern Cambridge is now easier and safer
  • New housing developments such as Orchard Park have resulted in a growing local population. Residents now have a greater choice of active travel methods
  • Schools and colleges such as North Cambridge Academy and Cambridge Regional College can be accessed more easily
  • Travelling to work in Cambridge using active travel reduces dependence on public transport
  • Links with the planned St. Ives Greenway and the existing Busway
  • Links to Cambridge North Railway Station and the planned Chisholm Trail

Current status

The project is now complete.

Arbury Road 1

Project details

  • Construction of new cycle lanes and footpaths, as well as resurfacing of the carriageway;
  • New permanent traffic signals installed at the Campkin Road junction;
  • Between Campkin Road and North Cambridge Academy, two-metre wide cycleways with the cyclist-friendly Cambridge Kerb that are slightly raised above the road level.
  • Low-level cycle signals on Arbury Road;
  • Mansel Way changed to a Give Way junction with no traffic signals;
  • Replacement of mini roundabouts with priority T-junctions;
  • Footpath laid with a hoggin surface near the Arbury Community Centre. Hoggin is a mixture of clay, gravel, and sand or granite dust that produces a buff-coloured bound surface;
  • Increasing the Play Area path to a 2.5-metre wide shared-use foot/cycleway.
  • These works meant removing the hedge that ran along one side of the path. In a survey we asked residents in the area if they would like a replacement hedge similar to the one that was removed, or alternatively keep the new path without the hedge. A decision was taken to replace the hedge. 
Arbury rd lights_Photo

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