Arbury Road is a  cycling and walking scheme aiming to improve links to schools and employment centres in Cambridge. 

It is one of our five cross city cycling projects across Cambridge, aiming to help reduce congestion and improve air quality, health and road safety.

Work is now underway to improve the transport infrastructure along Arbury Road as part of Phase 2d of this cross city cycling project. This includes the section between Campkin Road and North Cambridge Academy

It is envisaged that the Arbury Road scheme will be completed by September 2019.

Photo of cyclists using the new cycle lanes on Arbury Road

By creating better infrastructure, cycling will become a more viable travel alternative for new and existing residents. 


Cycling infrastructure along Arbury Road has been of poor quality and in need of upgrading.

Phase 1 of the Arbury Road scheme was completed by Cambridgeshire County Council in autumn 2016. Phase 2a (funded by GCP) - upgrading Arbury Road between St Albans Road and Mere Way - was completed in spring 2018.

Arbury Road connects residential areas in Northern Cambridge, some of which contain new housing developments that have created a growth in the local population. Already well used by students, commuters and people wanting to access facilities further afield, the route presents an exciting opportunity to further expand Cambridge’s sustainable travel network.

Creating better sustainable infrastructure is one strategy in the solution to curbing the pressures a rising population will have on Cambridge’s transport network. This network will also ultimately help improve the public’s health and wellbeing, whilst creating more travel choices other than the motor vehicle which may reduce congestion for future commuters.

A cyclist cylisng away from the camera, on Arbury Road. A white van also drives away from the camera, with a silver car driving towards the camera


Phases 2b and 2c have been completed.

As with the previous works, the construction of the cycleway will involve moving utility services and diverting cables, the removal of kerbs and roadside verges, the construction of new cycle lanes and footways, as well as resurfacing the carriageway. New permanent traffic signals have been installed at the Campkin Road junction and include low level cycle signals on Arbury Road. Mansel Way has changed to a Give Way junction with no traffic signals.

Works on Phase 2d between Campkin Road and North Cambridge Academy  began in May 2019 to take advantage of the school holidays. These works include 2m wide cycleways with the cyclist-friendly Cambridge Kerb that are slightly raised above the road level. 


The Arbury Road cycleway works include widening the Play Area path to a 2.5m wide shared-use foot/cycleway. These works meant removing the hedge that ran along one side of the path. In a survey we asked residents in the area if they would like a replacement hedge similar to the one that was removed, or alternatively keep the new path without the hedge. A decision has now been taken to replace the hedge.

You can view a copy of the landscape design for the Play Area (with hedge added) in the Downloads section below. This design has been created by the Greater Cambridge Partnership landscape architect in collaboration with Cambridge City Council.

Map providing information of the Arbury Road cycling scheme


Phase 2 of the Arbury Road works has been allocated a budget of £1.8 Million.

Cycles in a cycle rack
Arbury Court Play Area path (detail)

Published on 11 Nov 2019

Arbury Court Play Area Landscape Design

Published on 11 Nov 2019


Published on 11 Nov 2019

Mansel Way and Campkin Road Indicative Drawings

Published on 11 Nov 2019


Published on 11 Nov 2019


Published on 11 Nov 2019


Published on 11 Nov 2019


Published on 11 Nov 2019

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