Cambridge North Railway Station and Science Park

Project summary

This is one of five Cross City Cycling projects that aim to reduce congestion and improve air quality, health and road safety. The project, which focuses on the Green End Road area, is designed to improve links to schools, homes and places of employment in the north-eastern area of Cambridge. It will be easier to reach Cambridge North Railway Station, with its links to the planned Chisholm Trail and Waterbeach Greenway, and the nearby Science Park using active travel.

Cambridge North Station

Key benefits

  • Improved walking and cycling links to schools and employment centres
  • Productive use of the Green End Road and Nuffield Road commuter links
  • Reduced congestion and improved air quality, health and road safety
  • Links to Cambridge North Railway Station and the nearby Science Park
  • Easy access to business parks and other local employment sites
  • Links to residential areas including Chesterton
  • Connection to the Chisholm Trail

Current status

The scheme was formally opened in July 2019.

Links to Cambridge North final

Project details

  • The double yellow lines outside Chesterton Primary School have been extended;
  • Double yellow lines have been installed from the junction with Scotland Road to Water Lane. There are gaps within these to allow two-hours of parking outside the local shops;
  • We have installed traffic calming cushions, along this section;
  • A ‘floating’ bus stop has been built near Frank’s Lane. This allows cyclists to pass safely between the footpath and the road;
  • Construction of new two-meter wide cycle lanes, segregated from the footway with a small kerb and from the carriageway by parking and verges;
  • We have realigned the junction with Nuffield Road to reduce speeds;
  • Landscaping has included planting new trees to replace ones previously removed.
Green End Road 1
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