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From Monday, 3 June 2019, the Wadloes path between Ditton Meadows and High Street, Fen Ditton will be closed for approximately eight weeks to facilitate improvements to this path. For more information on the Wadloes path works, please click here.

Our contractor has now confirmed that the Wadloes path will be opened at the end of each working day (working hours are roughly 7.30am to 4pm). The path will also be open over weekends. Good progress is being made with the works and it is likely the path will reopen before the 8 weeks indicated in the recent letter to local residents. The signage at each end of the path will be amended accordingly.

The cycleway works on Ditton Lane and Horningsea Road are now largely finished bar a few snagging issues. However, a short section of shared use path on Ditton Lane still needs to be built. A retaining wall solution is currently being designed for the embankment next to the paddock, south of High Ditch Road – the footway on this section will be widened to 2.5m as elsewhere on the scheme. It is anticipated that construction of these outstanding works will take place over the school summer holidays.

P R O J E C T  S U M M A R Y

This project aims to improve cycling and walking on Ditton Lane and Horningsea Road. A shared-use foot and cycleway will be created between Fison Road and High Ditch Road on the east side of Ditton Lane. Works will also widen the current shared-use foot and cycleway on both sides of High Ditch Road and just north of Fen Ditton Primary School.

This new cycleway links with National Cycle Network 11 and 51 (NCN 11 & NCN 51), which crosses Ditton Lane near Fison Road and then runs parallel to the River Cam and connects the City Centre with East Cambridge.

This route is extensively used by cyclists heading to Newmarket Park & Ride and Marshalls. In the future, the new foot and cycleway is also likely to be used by those travelling to the Wing housing development by Newmarket Road. 

Construction works for the scheme will begin in on Tuesday 28 August 2018. The programme of works is due to run until Spring 2019.

A shared use cycle and footpath in Fen Ditton. On one side of the path is a wooden fence, separating the path from an open area of grass and pasture. On the other side, a tall headge runs along into the distance, with trees and ivy growing up and through it.

Improving walking and cycling links between Abbey and Fen Ditton to Marshalls, Newmarket Park & Ride and the future Wing development

A traditional village sign on a small green in Fen Ditton, carrying the village name. The sign post is wooden, with a carved nameplate for the village name. Above the name, a carved plaque shows the village church, with a river side and a rowing team passing the church.

A cycleway on Ditton Lane and Horningsea Road between Fison Road and Fen Ditton Primary School will encourage sustainable journeys to the school. This new route will also connect to the existing cycleway from Horningsea.

Works will include reinforcing the bank and will require the removal of the trees, which are in poor condition on top of the bank, in the area south of the High Street junction. The verge will be enhanced with bulb planting in a joint Parish and Greater Cambridge Partnership enterprise. 

Works will also include renewing and replacing the fencing along the kerbline next to the new shared use foot and cycleway.


The works started on 3 September 2018 and following initial investigations and trial holes, works began at the northern end of the scheme near Fen Ditton Primary School.

Temporary traffic signals will be required during working hours – which will be off peak, 9.30am to 3.30pm, during the initial phase of works. The temporary lights will help create a safe working environment for the contractors. Furthermore, there will be a requirement for a full closure of Ditton Lane and Horningsea Road (the B1047) to carry out some aspects of the works in early 2019. It is expected that overnight closures of Ditton Lane and Horningsea Road will take place over six nights in April 2019 from 8pm-6am. More details will be sent to residents prior to the night closures.  

The construction of the new shared-use foot/cycleways will involve moving utility services, diverting cables, repairs to the drainage network, and installing new, realigned kerbs. 

Works will include:

  • a new toucan crossing north of the school; an upgrade of the puffin crossing near the High Street to a toucan crossing (a toucan crossing is for pedestrians and cyclists, whereas a puffin crossing is for pedestrians)
  • widening the footpath on the east side of Ditton Lane, between Fison Road and High Ditch Road, from 1.5m to 2.5m to create a new shared-use foot/cycleway
  • pedestrian and cycling improvements to the area around the Fison Road junction and Ditton Lane crossing
  • widening of the shared-use foot/cycleway between Ditton Lane crossing and Ditton Meadows
  • widening of the footway on the west side of the green area on Ditton Lane (south of the small car parking area next to 142 Ditton Lane) to create a shared-use foot/cycleway.

We apologise for any inconvenience these works cause. If you have an questions about the works please contact 01223 699906 or email Alternatively, please talk to the contractors on site or ring the phone number on the works road signs. 

P U B L I C  E N G A G E M E N T

Throughout the planning process, local stakeholders have been updated on the project proposals and timescales.

Information events have also been held for members of the community. Local councillors and Fen Ditton Parish Council  meet regularly with the Project Team to discuss all aspects of the cycleway scheme and its delivery. 


This cycleway project is currently allocated a budget of around £1m.

The budget will be reviewed as detailed measures are determined.

Frequently asked questions

The scheme is within the highways boundary and as such planning permission is not required.

The main construction of the new cycleway is due to begin in Summer 2018.

Bollards and knee-rail fencing will be extended on the approaches to the school and verge repairs will be undertaken as part of our scheme. 

The layby is being removed in order to widen the foot/cycleways on both sides of Horningsea Road. The bus stop and bus shelter will remain however.

3 metre long soil nails will be installed to stabilise the embankment. This is a relatively new ground stabilisation method which requires no foundations and allows for planting and greenery.


docx 2019.03.20 XCC Ditton Lane letter 3 V2

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docx 2019.03.20 XCC Ditton Lane letter V2

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docx XCC Ditton Lane road works 18.12.2018

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pdf XCC Horningsea Road, near Fen Ditton Community Primary School

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pdf XCC Ditton Lane Project Brief 05.11.2015

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pdf XCC Ditton Meadows path & Ditton Lane/Fison Road junction

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pdf XCC Ditton Lane between Fison Road & Fen Ditton High Street

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pdf XCC Horningsea Road, north of Fen Ditton High Street

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