Ditton Lane & Links to East Cambridge

Project Summary

This is one of five Cross City Cycling projects that aim to reduce congestion and improve air quality, health and road safety. The project is designed to improve cycling and walking on Ditton Lane and Horningsea Road. A shared-use foot and cycleway has been created between Fison Road and High Ditch Road on the east side of Ditton Lane. The shared-use foot and cycleway on both sides of Horningsea Road has been widened from High Ditch Road to just north of Fen Ditton Primary School.

Key benefits

  • Provides safer and sustainable active transport to Fen Ditton Primary School from Fen Ditton village and the Fison Road area
  • Links with Newmarket Road Park & Ride and the new Marleigh housing development
  • Connects with National Cycle Network 11 and 51
  • Links with the Bottisham, Swaffhams and Horningsea Greenways and then on to the Chisholm Trail.
Ditton Lane 4

Latest update

The cycleway works on Ditton Lane and Horningsea Road are now finished. In order to widen the footway, the slope of the paddock embankment was moved back and, along some sections, made slightly steeper. Our contractors carried out the slope-regrading works from the paddock and the footpath construction from the carriageway.

A geotextile mesh was used to help bind the top soil to the regraded slope. Hydroseeding (a mixture of grass seed and mulch) was applied to aid the binding process and encourage root development. The verge was enhanced with bulb planting in a joint Parish and Greater Cambridge Partnership enterprise.

Ditton Lane embankment

Project details

  • A new toucan crossing (for both cyclists and pedestrians) north of Fen Ditton Primary School;
  • An upgrade of the puffin crossing near the High Street to a toucan crossing;
  • Extension of the bollards and knee-rail fencing on the approaches to the school;
  • Widening of the footpath on the east side of Ditton Lane, between Fison Road and High Ditch Road, from 1.5m to 2.3m or 2.5m to create a new shared-use foot/cycleway;
  • Pedestrian and cycling improvements to the area around the Fison Road junction and Ditton Lane crossing;
  • Widening of the shared-use foot/cycleway between Ditton Lane crossing and Ditton Meadows;
  • Widening of the footway on the west side of the green area on Ditton Lane (south of the small car parking area next to 142 Ditton Lane) to create a shared-use foot/cycleway;
  • Daffodils (Narcissus Pseudo Obvallaris) bulbs planted along the embankment slope. 
Photo shows Ditton Lane towards Horningsea Road, with schoolkids using the upgraded crossing.

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