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P R O J E C T  S U M M A R Y

The Fulbourn and Cherry Hinton route aims to improve cycling from the Robin Hood junction in Cherry Hinton to Yarrow Road in Fulbourn. 

Adjacent to Fulbourn and Cherry Hinton Road is international headquarters of one of the UK’s leading exporters, ARM. They create microprocessors found in billions of devices worldwide and are set to expand their site.

In addition to this, planning for nearby housing developments are set to increase the size of the local population. This means the immediate transport network will see a marked increase in usage.

Building a better environment for walking and cycling can facilitate smarter travel choices, helping to ease the burden on the local transport infrastructure. Improving the cycling provision on  Fulbourn Road and in the local area would create a more comprehensive cycle network in East Cambridge. 

Creating a more comprehensive walking and cycling network in the east Cambridge area

D E T A I L S  &  U P D A T E

Following consultation, approval was given to construct the new cycleway by the GCP Executive Board in June 2016. Construction will begin in the autumn, and prior to construction, preparatory works will need to be carried out.

  • From late August, Cambridge Water will be carrying out minor diversion works outside NO.s 15 to 49 Fulbourn Road. At times, there will be a need for temporary footway diversions. 
  • From the end of September, a landscape contractor will be removing some trees and hedges and planting replacement trees and hedges. 

As part of the works and in order to create space for high quality cycleways, the kerblines on both sides of Fulbourn Road will need to be taken up and re-laid. This will have an impact on trees, verges and hedges; however the overall number of trees will increase. 

The shared path on the north side of Fulbourn Road will also be made wider from 3.0 to 3.5m. 

We have worked closely with local councillors and the City Council's Landscape Architects on these changes and it is hoped that the improved walking and cycling provision, together with new planting will greatly improve the area and provide benefits to local residents. 


The Project Team is working closely with stakeholders including local Councillors and community representatives on various aspects of the scheme including the look and feel of the area.

Additional road space is required to make room for the new cycle lanes. Overgrown hedges will be cut back to recover highway space as well as the removal of some trees and a section of hedging.

We will be planting new trees and a section of mature hedge. Officers are liaising with City Council landscape architects regarding the type of  trees and hedging.

The final designs will be made available later in Summer 2017.

 Going forward:

  • Officers are engaging with Councillors, local residents and community representatives over the next few months.
  • The final design is currently being developed and a Road Safety Audit has been undertaken.
  • Works are anticipated to start in Autumn 2017 and are due to be completed by late 2018.

No cycling provision currently on the approach to Robin Hood Junction

P U B L I C  E N G A G E M E N T

The Fulbourn Road/Cherry Hinton Access cycling scheme went through a public consultation process in which project officers took into account views from local residents and councillors. 

Residents, councillors and resident associations will be receiving correspondence detailing preparatory works and project timescales. 


The Fulbourn/Cherry Hinton Eastern Access project is currently allocated a budget of around £1.6m.

The budget will be reviewed as detailed measures are determined.

Frequently asked questions

No, all works will take place within the highways boundary and as such planning permission is not required.


pdf XCC Fulbourn Road Detailed Drawing 1 18.12.15

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pdf XCC Fulbourn Road Detailed Drawing 2 18.12.2015

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pdf XCC Fulbourn Road Detailed Drawing 3 05.01.2016

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pdf XCC Fulbourn Road Detailed Drawing 4 18.12.2015

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pdf XCC Fulbourn Road Project Brief 05.11.2015

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pdf XCC FR Detail drawing 1 250717

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pdf XCC FR Detail drawing 2 250717

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pdf XCC FR Detail drawing 4 250717

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pdf XCC FR Detial drawing 3 250717

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pdf Fulbourn Landscape Planting Plan - Sheet 1 2

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pdf Fulbourn Landscape Planting Plan - Sheet 2 2

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