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P R O J E C T  S U M M A R Y

Busy times lay ahead for the North East area of Cambridge. It is already an employment hotspot containing the Science and Business parks, but it has recently seen the completion of the Cambridge North train station, creating a direct link to south Cambridge, London and Norwich. All of this activity is set to put extended pressure on an already popular transport link.

To accommodate for this, the project aims to provide safe and attractive cycle links, better connecting Cambridge with these facilities. The project has been divided into three phases:

  • Green End Road from Water Lane to Nuffield Road
  • Green End Road from Nuffield Road to Milton Road
  • Nuffield Road

Phase 1 - Water Lane to Nuffield Road Roundabout almost complete


Work being carried out along Green End Road between Milton Road  Nuffield Road junction.

Currently, the preparatory works for this phase are underway. They involve the removal and relocating of trees between the Nuffield Road & Milton Road junctions.  

Construction works will start on this phase at the beginning of 2018.


Due to the concerns on the removal of the Mortlock estate wall on Nuffield Road we will be consulting locally on new designs in the new year. 

P H A S E  1  -  D E T A I L S
  • 1.5 - 1.7m wide advisory cycle lanes built on both sides of the road
  • The white line in the centre of the road removed
  • New kerbs put in at the junctions at Enniskillen Road and Kendal Way
  • The double yellow lines outside Chesterton Primary School will be extended
  • Double yellow lines are planned from the junction with Scotland Road to Water Lane, there are gaps within these to allow parking, for two hours, outside the shops and traffic calming cushions, along the same section.
  • A ‘floating’ bus stop has been built near Frank’s Lane.  This bus stop is similar to the new stops on Huntingdon Road, which separates cyclists from motorists. The cycle lane continues on the inside of the bus stop between the footway and the stop.  
  • The radius of the curbs at the junction of Kendal Way and Enniskillen Road have been tightened to create an easier crossing point for pedestrians. 


Throughout the planning process, local residents have been updated on traffic management measures and project timescales.

Information events have also been held for members of the community. This formed part of the overall consultation process for the Cross City Cycling scheme. 

Drop in sessions will be organised for early 2018 to inform residents of works for phase 2 Milton Rd - Nuffield Rd and latest proposals for Nuffield Rd phase 3 of the scheme. 


This project is funded as part of the Cross City Cycling scheme which has a total budget of £8 million.

Frequently asked questions

In Phase 2 of the project there are a number of trees that have caused significant damage to the pavement and road. This has created a poor uneven surface making travel by foot and cycle in places difficult.  Some trees have also struggled to gain a healthy amount of growth since they have been planted. . 

In preparing for this scheme certain trees will be removed and replaced in different locations. This will make room for the incoming cycle scheme. The new trees will also be planted with a generously sized well protected root cell system that will enable to grow effectively after planting. 

Green End Road is part of a highly popular commuter route for people working at the Science and Business Parks. Nuffield Road is expected to become incorporated in to this busy network, linking up the Cambridge North Station when it opens. This project will ensure that high quality cycling infrastructure will continue to make cycling and walking an attractive choice for residents and visitors alike. 

The County Council have issued a Traffic Regulation Order that will create double yellow lines within the majority of the cycle lanes along Green end road which come under the first phase of works. Where this hasn’t been possible 2 hours maximum stay parking restrictions have been put in place.  

The parking  on Green End Road will be monitored over time as the Cambridge North station grows in popularity. If there is an increase in 'undesirable' parking then a review of the Traffic Regulation Order my be made and more double yellow lines may be created. 


pdf 106 C Milton Rd to Nuffield Rd uni-directional

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pdf XCC Nuffield Road to Water Lane Drawing 1 of 2 07.01.2016

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pdf XCC Nuffield Road to Water Lane Drawing 2 of 2 23.12.15

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pdf Phase 2 (Green End Road, section between Milton Road and Nuffield Road) P1

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pdf Phase 2 (Green End Road, section between Milton Road and Nuffield Road) P2

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pdf Nuffield Rd Roundabout

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pdf Nuffield Rd

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