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Map showing A10 transport corridor, from Ely to Cambridge, passing Waterbeach and the planned Waterbeach New Town

The Ely to Cambridge Transport Study is a wide-ranging multi modal study which has made recommendations on the transport schemes needed to accommodate the major development planned at a new town north of Waterbeach, Cambridge Northern Fringe East (CNFE) and the Cambridge Science Park (CSP).

The study has three strands:

  • Strand 1 looks at the overall transport requirements on the corridor
  • Strand 2 looks at the specific requirements for growth at Waterbeach
  • Strand 3 looks at the specific requirements for growth at CNFE/CSP

The study, commissioned by the Greater Cambridge Partnership, was carried out by Cambridgeshire County Council and consultants Mott MacDonald.

Next steps will be agreed at public meetings of these bodies, and the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority, in February/March 2018. 


Ely to Cambridge DM Report (2.0) 05-01-2018

  • pdf
  • 14.55 MB

Published on 15 Feb 2018

This report replaces the Ely to Cambridge DM Report (1.0) 05-01-2018 document previously on this page. There are no substantive amendments, or changes to recommendations. The updated file contains some corrections to spelling, formatting, and minor cosmetic changes.

Ely-Cambridge Strand 2 Waterbeach 1.0 15-02-2018

  • pdf
  • 2.05 MB

Published on 15 Feb 2018

Ely to Cambridge Strand 3 CNFE CSP v1.0 21-02-2018

  • pdf
  • 3.70 MB

Published on 22 Feb 2018