The Comberton Greenway will be an active travel route to make it easier for walkers, cyclists and horse riders to travel from Comberton into Cambridge. It is one of twelve Greater Cambridge Greenways. These will make it easier both to travel in a pleasant and sustainable way into and out of Cambridge and to enjoy our countryside for leisure purposes. They will also help to make local journeys such as school and nursery runs safer and easier. In some cases these are new routes, or routes with new sections, whilst others will be based on existing paths.

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The map is indicative and not to scale. You can download a high-res pdf of this map and a cycling times guide from the Related Document section below. As the project progresses, we will update each section.

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  • Green active travel into and out of Cambridge for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.
  • Easy and safe travel to workplaces, local schools and colleges, shops and transport hubs.
  • Improved links to Barton, Hardwick, Coton, West Cambridge, the Sidgwick Site and Newnham.
  • Links to the Barton and Haslingfield Greenway routes.
Coton path and bridge update April 21


A public consultation has taken place and the report was approved by the GCP Executive Board on 25 June 2020 (see the Agenda Pack pages 216-230 for the Greenway Report). Following the Board's approval, we have started the process of detailed design. Further discussion with local communities and interested parties can be expected soon.


  • April 2021: Work is complete on resurfacing a 300m section of path on the Coton M11 bridleway bridge to make cycling, walking and other active travel journeys safer. This path will eventually become part of the Comberton Greenway linking Comberton, Hardwick and Coton to the West Cambridge Campus, Eddington and the city centre. For further details, visit Upgrades to two key routes to improve walking and cycling journeys - Greater Cambridge Partnership
  • As part of the detailed design work, we will carry out site surveys and liaise with landowners and others along the planned route.
  • The choice of surface material for each part of the Greenway will take into account the surrounding environment and landscape as well as the needs of the path users. The Greenway path must be useable in all weathers and all seasons.
  • We will make sure that off-road sections are well signposted.
  • Safety will be a top priority when the Greenways are on or near public roads.
  • Finally, the Greenways project aims to make improvements to the environment. We will create places to sit and enjoy the surroundings as well as supporting wildlife and developing bee-friendly corridors.


Comberton Greenway will be 6 miles with 2.5 miles of other links.

The draft route starts in Comberton and will include a further improvement to the existing link towards Barton. The main route heads north alongside Long Road and is joined by a link from Hardwick. The Greenway then continues towards Coton. There are additional wide grassy verges for horse riders, joggers and ramblers. We will use bee-friendly plants to make the route attractive and support a wide range of wildlife. The area around the M11 bridge will have a wider pathway and a new surface. The Greenway then carries on past the Cambridge University West Campus. A new link branches off towards Barton Road before the path continues along Adams Road, Grange Road and Sidgwick Avenue before reaching Silver Street. It then joins other cycle roads into and around Cambridge.

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