Histon Road

Project Update

We are pleased to announce that the Greater Cambridge Partnership’s Histon Road project has been completed and is fully open for public use. We would like to thank the local community for their patience while we have undertaken the work.

The scheme provides enhance infrastructure that should help to encourage more people to walk, cycle or take the bus along Histon Road, helping to cut congestion and improve air quality.

Current Status

Now that the construction works has been finished, a final safety audit of the works will be undertaken. Any issues that this final inspection highlights will be addressed before management of the road is handed to Cambridgeshire County Council as the local transport body.

The new traffic signals at the junctions along Histon Road will be kept under review. It is normal that some minor adjustments are required when new traffic lights are put in place to get the best flow of traffic at each of the junctions. 

Project Summary

The Histon Road project aimed to provide better bus, walking and cycling facilities for those travelling on this busy key route into Cambridge.

Key Benefits/Goals

The multi-million-pound scheme, which was delivered by Milestone Infrastructure, has created: -

  • 6,400m2 of new footpaths
  • 8,000m2 of new cycle lanes
  • 540m of bus lane 
  • 3 floating bus stops
  • 2 additional pedestrian crossings
  • 8,200m of new and recycled composite material drainage kerbs
  • installation of 160m of green fence 
  • 16 new trees have been planted:
    • 3 at Akeman Street
    • 3 at Blackhall Road
    • 4 at Carisbrooke Road
    • 6 at the Gilbert Road Junction

A state-of-the-art CYCLOPS junction has been constructed, which facilitates an orbital cycle route separating cyclists from motor traffic and pedestrians at the crossroads of Gilbert and Warwick road. This design is only the fourth CYCLOPS junction in the country and the first outside Manchester.

A rain garden has been built to improve drainage at the Akeman Street junction and to provide a landscape enhancement.

The project also had to work around 29,000m of existing utilities. With approx. 6500m being diverted to accommodate the new road layout.

In addition, 2850m of new cabling was installed for CityFibre and 3100m for GBN as part of these works. 

The project also saw the use of CemFree instead of cement. CemFree is an environmentally friendly alternative to concrete, which was used to lay the kerbs.

Cyclist using the new cyclops junction on Histon Road
Proposed changed to Histon Road (please see the consultation leaflet below for larger version of map and description for each item)


The Histon Road project consisted of:

  • Bus lanes, bus priority and bus stops: The project has improved bus priority on Histon Road by providing an inbound bus lane from Blackhall Road to Carisbrooke Road. This will help reduce bus journey times during the morning rush hour and improve reliability. The scheme has also provided new bus stop bypasses for cyclists and slight optimisation of bus stop locations.
  • Cycling and Walking: The scheme has provided high quality cycling and pedestrian infrastructure including improved cycle lanes along the length of Histon Road and an innovative “protected junction” design at the Gilbert Road/Warwick Road junction. In addition, two new pedestrian crossings have been installed – one near to Carisbrooke Road and the other near Victoria Road. Another crossing has been relocated to help link Akeman Street and the main shopping area on Histon Road.
  • Removal of On-Street Parking: To deliver highway improvements on the narrow southern section of Histon Road, this required the removal of current on-street parking. The pay and display parking bays have now moved to Linden Close.
  • Landscape and Environment: This scheme included new landscape designs for the Akeman Street junction, Gilbert Road-Warwick Road junction and the junctions with Brownlow Road and Blackhall Road. Landscaping mitigation measures were agreed with residents to provide a new 3m high ‘living’ fence and associated tree planting between Brownlow Road and Blackhall Road, replacing the previous hedgerow that had screened a number of gardens on the outbound side of the road.

Image Gallery

Proposed changes to Histon Road (please see the consultation leaflet for larger version of map and description for each item)

Group photo of Histon Road opening ceremony

Objectives of the scheme

As a key route into and out of Cambridge, The Greater Cambridge Partnership looked at a range of measures to improve journeys along Histon Road.

These measures were:

  • Improve the speed and reliability of public transport journeys
  • Help to reduce levels of peak-time congestion
  • Provide a safer and more convenient environment for cycling and walking journeys
  • Enhance the environment, street-scene and air quality
  • Provide additional capacity for sustainable trips to employment and education sites
  • Help increase the levels of people using sustainable modes of transport


We would like to thank the Histon Road Local Liaison Forum for their continued support and communication throughout the project. The regular forums have proved invaluable to the completion and success of the updated Histon Road. Local Liaison Forums provide for regular dialogue between the project team and members of the local community during the course of any major transport project, ensuring interested parties are kept informed and can continue to have their say outside of formal consultation processes.

LLFs are chaired by local councillors and are open to the public.

More information and papers can be found on the Histon Road LLF page.

Histon Road Consultation Brochure 2018

Published on 11 Nov 2019

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