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P R O J E C T  S U M M A R Y

Histon Road is  a key gateway to Cambridge,  a modal shift to bus, cycling and walking  would protect local communities from the adverse effects of increased congestion

The Histon Road project aims to improve the bus, cycle and walking infrastructure to make these options a more attractive alternative to travel by car.

Bus priority measures could include: bus lanes, smart signals to prioritise buses and side-road closures to reduce the need for signals, which add to journey times along the road.

Bus lanes, smart signals and side-road closures 

B E N E F I T S  O F  T H E  P R O J E C T

The benefits of the Histon Road scheme include:

  • Quicker and more reliable bus journeys
  • Wider cycle lanes, segregated where possible
  • New planting areas
  • Improved public spaces
  • Improved road safety

In winter 2015/16 an initial consultation was carried out on bus priority and cycling and walking improvements on Histon Road.

This consultation was held in tandem with the nearby Milton Road consultation. Following feedback on the two options, 'Do Maximum' and ‘Do Something’, the ‘Do Maximum’ proposal has been taken forward.

Histon Road Gallery

Quicker bus journeys and wider cycle lanes

L O C A L  L I A I S O N  F O R U M S

Local Liaison Forums provide for regular dialogue between members of the project team and the local community during the course of any major transport project ensuring interested parties are kept informed and can continue to have their say outside formal consultation processes.

The LLF is open to the public and all are welcome to attend.

View the latest information about the Histon Road Local Liaison Forum.


The Histon Road project is currently allocated a budget of around £4 million.

The budget will be reviewed as detailed measures are determined.

14 Dec 2015
15 Feb 2016

Histon Road


Frequently asked questions

A. Histon Road and Milton Road are very closely geographically linked, with interrelated traffic flows and as such the projects are being developed in tandem. In order, to minimize disruption during any works it is necessary to prioritise one project over the other. Given the opening of Cambridge North Station and the housing expansion due in Waterbeach, the Executive Board chose to prioritise the larger Milton Road project. 

A. Work will be undertaken to identify adequate parking in nearby locations for residents who currently rely on a parking spaces in Histon Road.  No specific details have yet been drawn up, but any traffic regulation orders that need to be put in place, will be done so before any work takes place.

A. Restricting access to Victoria Road at this busy junction would allow the traffic signals to provide more green time for Histon Road traffic, thereby reducing delays and congestion on that approach. 

Bus movements between Histon Road and Victoria Road would be maintained and cyclists would still be able to access Victoria Road from all the junction approaches.

Some traffic would be displaced to other parts of the road network in the north of the city as a result and the impact this would have will be explored in greater detail before any further decisions are taken on how the Histon road scheme should be taken forward.  This work would also explore the need for measures to address any adverse effects on the side road network.

A. Clear, continuous cycling and pedestrian infrastructure is an integral part of the scheme. This provision will be segregated, wherever possible. 


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