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This page provides a brief history of the Histon Road scheme and some key information which has informed the project since its inception. 

As a key route into Cambridge from the A14 and surrounding villages, Histon Road is seen as a key gateway for people who wish to access the city centre. But due to  the economic and population growth in Cambridge, Histon Road now suffers from peak-time traffic congestion and delays, impacting on the ability of businesses to operate effectively, and on the lives of those who live, work, and travel along Histon Road. As a result, the Greater Cambridge Partnership is looking to redesign Histon Road to encourage the use of public transport, reduce congestion and air pollution, whilst encouraging the continued economic growth of the greater Cambridge area. 

The Scheme 

Given the proximity and similarities between Histon Road and Milton Road, the two schemes were developed in tandem. However, following an initial consultation in the winter of 2015/16, it was decided that the two schemes would be developed separately. 

The consultation which took place in the winter of 2015/16 looked at two options for Histon Road, a 'Do Maximum' and 'Do Minimum' option. Further information about these can be found below. 

A photograph of the view onto Histon Road junction, showing the traffic lights and junction island


The 'Do Maximum' option looked at wide ranging measures for Histon Road which would improve journey times, reduce congestion and increase the usage of public transport. 

Such measures included: 

  • Banning the right-turn into Histon Road from Victoria Road except for local buses and bicycles
  • Banning the right-turn into Warwick Road
  • Removal of residents parking 
  • Road layout changes and the widening of the highway to improve the width of Histon Road
  • Traffic signal changes
  • Purchasing private land to enable the widening of Histon Road


The 'Do Minimum' option on the other hand looked at a smaller range of measures for Histon Road which would assist journey times but without incorporating major changes. 

Such measures included, extending cycle lanes and bus lane, as well as improving the general landscape of Histon Road. 

Further development of the scheme

Following public feedback and the responses to the original consultation, it was decided that the 'Do Maximum' option would be carried forward, but with the exception of the banned turns into Warwick Road. Therefore, the scheme would aim to improve public transport journey times and encourage cycling and walking journeys to help reduce reliance on the car.

These proposals have been the subject to further public engagement and design work by the Project Team, and are now being put forward for public consultation. 

Further information about the current scheme including how to have your say during the consultation period can be found on the Histon Road project page here.

Further information about Histon Road including the minutes of previous Local Liaison Forums can be found on the Local Liason Forum page here.

Some original background documents to the Histon Road scheme can be found below. 

Milton Road Histon Road Modelling Summary 01.12.16

  • pdf
  • 471.15 KB

Published on 26 Jun 2017

Milton Road Histon Road Draft Options Report 22.09.15

  • pdf
  • 32.29 MB

Published on 26 Jun 2017

Milton Road Histon Road Options Assessment 02.01.15

  • pdf
  • 561.66 KB

Published on 26 Jun 2017

Research Tidal Bus Lane Review

  • pdf
  • 318.57 KB

Published on 26 Jun 2017

Research Bus Priority Measures

  • pdf
  • 988.50 KB

Published on 26 Jun 2017

Research Tidal Flow Bus Lane Option Assessment

  • pdf
  • 108.40 KB

Published on 26 Jun 2017

Transport and Road Research Laboratory Report

  • pdf
  • 2.42 MB

Published on 26 Jun 2017