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Histon Road

Histon Road Consultation 2018

Consultation Details

Arbury, Cambridge, Castle, Histon, Histon Road, Impington, Kings Hedges, Orchard Park,

Consultation Started
21 May 2018

Consultation Ended
02 Jul 2018


Contact Information

Contact: The Greater Cambridge Partnership
Service: Calls are routed through Cambridgeshire County Council Contact Centre
Telephone: 01223 699906

Greater Cambridge Partnership SH1317
Shire Hall
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
CB3 0AP, United Kingdom.


Histon Road consultation 2018 now closed. 

Have your say on

  • Quicker and more reliable public transport journeys
  • Improved cycle lanes 
  • Enhanced pedestrian facilities
  • New planting areas and improved landscaping 

The consultation period is now closed. 


Cambridge is the fastest growing city in the UK - bringing many benefits to those who live and work in the area. But its success has also led to an increase in traffic on routes into the city - including Histon Road, leading to peak-time traffic congestion, delays for commuters and affecting the quality of life for residents. 

With the population of Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire expected to rise by up to 28% over the next decade, many thousands of extra journeys into and out of the city - to places of work, study and leisure can be expected. 

The Histon Road scheme will help to accommodate these extra trips whilst upgrading the road to a safe, pleasant and connected community for local residents and businesses.

To achieve this, the scheme aims to improve public transport journeys, as well as cycling and walking facilities, to encourage people to use sustainable modes of transport as an alternative to the car. 

What is being proposed? 

- Bus priority measures including a bus lane and new floating bus stops

- Improved pedestrian and cycle facilities with cycle lanes raised from vehicular traffic by height and the use of the Cambridge kerb where possible

- The removal of some on-street parking to allow more road space for buses and cyclists

- Landscaping to areas where more greenery can be included

All improvements will be within the highway and do not require the purchase of private land. As part of the scheme, the Project Team has made a commitment to replace every tree which needs removing, and aims to increase the overall number of trees on Histon Road. 

The scheme also aims to provide a 1.8m footpath throughout the length of Histon Road with a 1.4m minimum at pinch points. Raised cycle lanes will be up to 2m wide, and advisory cycle lanes up to 1.5m wide. 

It is envisaged that the construction cost of Histon Road will be £6m. 

Further information about the scheme and what is being proposed can be found by downloading a copy of the consultation brochure here


  • Faster and more reliable public transport journeys
  • Safer and high-quality cycling facilities 
  • Improved facilities for pedestrians 
  • Reduced levels of peak-time congestion 
  • Improved air quality along the length of Histon Road 
  • An enhanced streetscape and improved landscaping 
  • Increased levels of people using sustainable modes of transport and the associated health benefits of doing so 

Contact and next steps:

To contact the Partnership, email, alternatively, you can call us on 01223 699906, or write to us at Greater Cambridge Partnership, SH1317, Shire Hall, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB3 0AP.

We can also be found on Twitter @GreaterCambs and Facebook.

This consultation will close at 23:59 on Monday 2 July 2018. All responses will be collated and evaluated by Cambridgeshire County Council's Research Team. Once this work is complete, anonymised responses will be published. These responses will feed into the development of the final scheme.

Taking all of the supporting information and consultation responses into account, the Project Team will prepare a final design which the Greater Cambridge Partnership's Executive Board will decide how to proceed with. 


Histon Road consultation brochure

  • pdf
  • 1.11 MB

Published on 17 May 2018

Histon Road consultation map

  • pdf
  • 217.68 KB

Published on 17 May 2018

Histon Road visualisation 1

  • pdf
  • 1.94 MB

Published on 17 May 2018

Histon Road visualisation 2

  • pdf
  • 4.33 MB

Published on 17 May 2018

Histon Road visualisation 2

Histon Road visualisation 3

  • pdf
  • 2.79 MB

Published on 17 May 2018

Histon Road visualisation