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A blue double decker bus at the Trumpington Park & Ride

The M11 Park & Ride Provision Project is a component of the Western Orbital project, which includes review and development options for Park and Ride facilities, creation of new Park & Ride locations, and enhancement or upgrade of existing facilities.

Junction 11 of the M11 is a key entry point into Cambridge. With significant growth in housing and employment in the area, upgrading the existing transport infrastructure in this area is vital to reduce congestion and improve access into the city.

Congestion impacts on current bus journey times making journeys unreliable, unattractive and longer than necessary, as well as affecting the convenience and comfort of cycling trips on the corridor.

By expanding the existing Park & Ride in Trumpington and creating a new Park & Ride to the west of Junction 11, car drivers can be encouraged to access the city in buses improving the flow of traffic and making employment sites such as the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, West and North Cambridge easier to reach.

W H Y  I T  I S  S O  I M P O R T A N T

Reducing traffic coming into the City Centre


Objectives of this scheme include:

  • To maintain or reduce general traffic levels and congestion
  • To enhance the environment, streetscape and air quality
  • To provide safer and more convenient routes for cycling
  • To at least maintain existing levels of pedestrian connectivity.


Benefits of this scheme include:

  • A faster and more reliable way to travel into Cambridge city centre
  • Supports the delivery of new homes across South Cambridgeshire
  • Supports access to key employment locations and job creation
  • Improves local public transport infrastructure.
A contemporary style new build house in Trumpington Meadows, with a young tree in the foreground


The M11 Junction 11 is a vital access point into Cambridge from the south. Currently Park & Ride provision is located on the city-side of this junction, the Trumpington Park & Ride site.

There is significant housing and employment growth around the M11 area including the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, Trumpington Meadows and West Cambridge. There are currently 16 peak time P&R buses per hour from Trumpington to the City Centre, with predictions showing the site will soon reach capacity.

An expanded Park & Ride at Trumpington as well as a new site would enable journeys to be faster and more reliable. Reducing the increasing number of cars travelling into Cambridge and adding to the extensive and high quality public transport network currently being developed across the area.

At the Executive Board meeting on 22 November 2017 The GCP Executive Board agreed to: Proceed with a full outline business case for a new park and ride site west of junction 11 of the M11 and associated access/bus priority measures to the north west with the Park & Ride site to be based on the emerging Travel Hub concept.

The report also recommended not to continue with a Park & Cycle site at M11 Junction 12.


M11 Park & Ride Provisions are part of the Western Orbital scheme. The Junction 11 section of the wider scheme is being progressed and the on line / off line consideration from J13 to J11 is awaiting a decision from Highways England on Smart Motorways in 2019.

This programme will also work towards Cambridgeshire’s Long Term Transport Strategy:

Access to areas of employment and key services will be maximised, particularly by sustainable modes of travel, to:

  • Provide a transport network that is efficient and effective
  • Provide good accessibility to services and for businesses
  • Provide a high quality public transport and cycle network to routes near major employment, education and service centres

Residents, businesses and commuters are welcome to attend the M11 Park & Ride Engagement Group.

Please note that the Western Orbital Local Liaison Forum is on hold, as the project is suspended until Highways England have completed their forward planning work for the M11.


The project would be considered for funding from any second tranche of monies received from Central Government.

Frequently asked questions

Due to the significant growth in employment and housing in the area, congestion is making journey times in this area unreliable, unattractive and longer than necessary. Upgrading the existing Park & Ride provision at M11 Junction 11 has therefore been identified as a priority to address these issues.

The Western Orbital project and Local Liaison Forum is currently on hold pending decisions by Highways England on their Roads Investment Strategy. This decision is due in 2019. Currently, a Park & Ride site at M11 Junction 11 is under consideration alongside changes to expand capacity at Trumpington Park & Ride.

A new Park & Ride is considered being built west of Junction 11. This would tie in with improvements also being made to the existing Trumpington Park & Ride site.

2018-02-13 Engagement Group Presentation

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Published on 14 Feb 2018

2018-02-13 Mott MacDonald M11 J11 P&R Presentation

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Published on 14 Feb 2018

M11 Junction 11 Initial Briefing Notes revised 13.12.17

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Published on 14 Feb 2018