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P R O J E C T  S U M M A R Y

We want to maintain Milton Road as a green gateway into the city and to enhance its natural environment.

The Milton Road project plans to provide faster and more reliable bus journeys into the city, as well as safe and high-quality cycling and pedestrian facilities along its length.

We’re working up designs to ensure that Milton Road is safe for all road users, reduces congestion and improves air quality. 

Quick, high quality bus, cycling and walking trips

B E N E F I T S  O F  T H E  P R O J E C T

The benefits of the Milton Road scheme include:

  • Quicker and more reliable bus journeys
  • Wider cycle lanes, segregated where possible
  • New public areas
  • Attractive public spaces
  • Improved road safety
Photo of Milton Road cycle lane

Congestion on Milton Road has increased in recent years, with under 24,500 using the road every day in 2012, to over 27,000 in 2015. Traffic is expected to continue to rise in the next fifteen years.

Updated designs for better bus, cycling and walking journeys along Milton Road - based on community ideas – have been worked up. Further information can be found on the Final Concept Design page.

The draft designs are purely conceptual and were taken to the Greater Cambridge Partnership Executive Board this July, where it was approved that detailed designs will be worked up.

There will also be opportunities for the local community to have their say on specific elements, including locations of the bus stops and pedestrian crossings outside junctions, as part of the detailed design work.

Milton Road Proposed Concept Visualisations and Maps

L O C A L  L I A I S O N  F O R U M S

Local Liaison Forums (LLFs) provide for regular dialogue between the project team and members of the local community during the course of any major transport project ensuring interested parties are kept informed and can continue to have their say outside of formal consultation processes.

The LLF is open to the public and all are welcome to attend.

View the latest information about the Milton Road Local Liaison Forum.


The Milton Road project is currently allocated a budget of around £24 million.

The budget will be reviewed as detailed measures are determined.


14 Dec 2015
15 Feb 2016

Milton Road


Frequently asked questions

Milton road currently suffers with some congestion at peak times, it can be relatively quiet at other times of the day.  However, we are trying to create a design for Milton Road that will enhance its capacity to deal with increased numbers of people needing to travel into and around Cambridge specifically in relation to the 20,000 new homes that will be built at Northstowe and Waterbeach.  By improving the pedestrian, cycle and bus infrastructure on Milton Road, we hope that this will encourage people to choose these forms of transport in future, especially at peak times, rather than relying of their cars. 

Many aspects of the Do Optimum design have been incorporated into the final concept. Certain aspects of Do Optimum do not fit within the constraints of highway space and some of the junction designs do not have the required vehicle capacity or allowance for the turning radius of larger vehicles.  The final concept also makes greater provision for bus lanes along Milton Road.

Inbound bus lanes have actually been shortened, with small sections of outbound bus lane added in advance of Elizabeth Way roundabout and the Kings Hedges Junction.  Without any bus lanes, the buses would get caught in queues and therefore offer no real advantage in terms of reliability and journey times.

The scheme will result in complete change to the current cross section along the length of Milton Road.  The existing trees would not survive being moved and in fact many of them are judged to be in average health.  It is therefore a better option to remove the existing trees and replace with species that will thrive in the environment and that are located in the correct position in relation to drive accesses, visibility, and carriageway/cycleway.

The option for a dutch-style roundabout has been explored for Elizabeth Way.  Officers have assessed that a full dutch-style design in this location would create a significant block to the vehicular flow in this section of Milton Road.   The Final Concept aims to incorporate much of the design of a dutch-style roundabout in terms of pedestrian and cycle segregation, but looks to signalise crossing points, while retaining capacity for vehicles through this busy junction.

The Paramics modelling of Milton Road was specifically commissioned to assess the vehicular capacity of the various design options.  This specifically relates to the junction designs and sections of road with or without bus lane.  The modelling does take into account how pedestrian and cycle interactions at junctions may affect the performance of that junction. 

We want to improve commuter journeys, as well as maintain Milton Road as a green gateway to the city.


pptx 19.09.2017 - WSP Bus Stops & Crossings Workshop Presentation

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pptx 12.09.2017 - LLF Autumn 2017 Design Engagement Presentation

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pdf 09.05.2017 - Milton Road LLF presentation

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pdf 13.06.2017 - LLF presentation

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pdf Historic Research Bus Priority

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pdf Milton Road Histon Road Modelling Summary 01.12.16

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pdf Milton Road Michams Corner Modelling 28.11.16

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pdf Milton Road Mitchams Corner Workshop Report 29.02.16

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pdf Milton Road Histon Road Parking Survey Report 18.02.16

4.74 MB


pdf Milton Road Technical Drawings 11.12.15

14.96 MB


pdf Milton Road Histon Road Parking Survey 10.12.15

2.79 MB


pdf Milton Road Tree Survey 01.12.15

3.39 MB


pdf Milton Road Histon Road Draft Stage 1 Report 25.09.15

3.59 MB


pdf Milton Road Histon Road Draft Options Report 22.09.15

32.29 MB


pdf Research Buses Devolution and the Growth Agenda 01.02.15

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pdf Milton Road Histon Road Options Assessment 02.01.15

561.66 KB


pdf Milton Road Quick Guide

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pdf Research Bus Priority Measures

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pdf Research Tidal Bus Lane Review

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pdf Research Tidal Flow Bus Lane Option Assessment

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pdf Transport and Road Research Laboratory Report

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