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Infographic showing stylised plan view of final design detailing; segregated cycleways, 190 meters of additional bus lane, segregated crossing points at major junctions, replacement trees, grass verges, pedestrian and cycle priority crossing at side roads, new traffic signals (on roundabout at Elizabeth way, and Kings Hedges Road junction).

This page provides a brief history of the Milton Road scheme and some key information which has informed the project since its inception. 

Milton Road is a well-known and busy residential area in Cambridge which also acts as a key route between the city centre, the A14 and A10, as well as the nearby villages of Milton and Waterbeach. 

As a key arterial route, Milton Road has been identified as vital to the local economy. However, current levels of peak-time traffic congestion threaten the continued economic growth of the local area. With the population of Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire expected to grow by around 28% over the next 15 years, improvements to Milton Road will need to be made to now, to accommodate the increasing number of journeys in the future. 

The Milton Road project aims to improve public transport, cycle and walking infrastructure to make these sustainable travel options a more attractive alternative to the car, and to encourage the continued economic growth of Greater Cambridge, without harming existing communities, and the environment,

The Scheme

Given the proximity and similarities between Milton Road and Histon Road, the two schemes were developed in tandem. However, following an initial consultation in the winter of 2015/16, it was decided that the two schemes would be developed separately.

The consultation which took place in the winter of 2015/16 looked at two options for Milton Road, a 'Do Maximum' and 'Do Something' option. Further information about these can be found below.

Do Maximum

  • The 'Do Maximum' option would achieve the best possible transport improvements by implementing a range of measures
  • Acquiring significant amounts of land outside of the highway to enable wider bus lanes and cycle lanes
  • Banning a right turn into Arbury Road and Gilbert Road 
  • Elizabeth Way roundabout replaced with signalled junction 
  • Extensive inbound and outbound bus lane 

Do Something

  • The 'Do Something' option had some similarities but the overall option had less impact on the street scene but also less improvement for transport, such as less outbound bus length

Although the 'Do Maximum' was the preferred option, it was instead decided to move forward with a 'Do Optimum' option which was formed via extensive engagement with the local community and with feedback from key stakeholders. This option looked at improving public transport journeys including cycle and pedestrian facilities but with a more sympathetic approach for residents which did not acquire any private land nor ban any vehicular movements. 

Further development of the scheme

The 'Do Optimum' option has since been subject to further public engagement via a number of LLF's and project specific workshops to help identify further consensus amongst the design and to assist the Project Team with forming a proposal that would be more suited to the local community. These proposals are now being put forward for public consultation.

Further information about the current scheme, including how to have your say during the consultation period can be found on the Milton Road project page.

Further information about Milton Road including the minutes of previous Local Liaison Forums and engagement events can be found on the Local Liaison Forum page here