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P R O J E C T  S U M M A R Y

We want to maintain Milton Road as a green gateway into the city and to enhance its natural environment. The Milton Road Project Team have taken on-board feedback from the community and have come up with a Final Conceptual design.

The designs ensure that Milton Road is safe for all road users, reduces congestion and improves air quality.

This Greater Cambridge Partnership Executive Board have approved this conceptual design and we will work with the public and key stakeholders to develop a detailed design.

Overall design features of Milton Road Final Conceptual Design

  • Segregated cycle lanes in both directions, along the length of Milton Road.
  • Improve air quality and the local environment.
  • Minimum segregated cycleway of 2 meters where possible, to allow for overtaking.
  • Dedicated space for walking, separated from cyclists.
  • Segregated crossing points at major junctions for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Trees replaced with suitable species using community and expert feedback.
  • Copenhagen style crossings at side roads which give priority to pedestrians and cyclists over vehicles entering and exiting these roads.
  • 190 metres of additional bus lanes, compared to existing layout.

Environmental features of Milton Road Final Conceptual Design

  • Replanting trees with appropriate species, with guidance from tree experts and the community.
  • Using Rain Gardens to reduce surface water and increase drainage.
  • Working with local shops to improve the environment of Milton Road.

Junction Designs in Milton Road Final Concept

Elizabeth Way Junction 

  • Two-lane signalised roundabout.
  • Separated pedestrian and cycling facilities.
  • Prioritisation for buses over vehicle traffic.

Arbury Road Junction

  • Detailed design to work on bike segregation from main traffic.
  • Potential for improving traffic flow by limiting access to Union Lane.

King’s Hedges Road Junction

  • Signalised cross-road
  • Cyclists are fully segregated from the traffic.
  • Continuous crossings for pedestrians and cyclists.

Gilbert Road Junction

  • Advanced stop lines for cyclists, but detailed design to work on options for full segregation for cyclists.
  • Signal staging includes a pedestrian phase for safer and direct crossings.
Next Steps of the Milton Road Final Conceptual Design

The Final Conceptual Design will be taken to the Greater Cambridge Partnership Executive Board on 26 July for approval. The designs are still in early stages of development and are purely conceptual.

If the conceptual design is approved, the project team will work on a detailed design for Milton Road in the upcoming months.

There will be further opportunities for community involvement in the final design of the Milton Road project, especially on improving the local environment and on designing a tree planting scheme.

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