Rural Travel Hubs


  • Enhancing accessibility to, from and within Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire.
  • Ensuring good transport links between new and existing communities, and the jobs and services people wish to access.
  • Prioritising sustainable alternatives to the car and reducing the impacts of congestion on sustainable modes of transport.
  • Encouraging healthy and active travel, supporting improved wellbeing.


Our consultation on a Rural Travel Hub at Oakington closed on Monday 7 January 2019. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their views with us.

Rural Travel Hubs are small flexible transport interchanges at key locations in South Cambridgeshire, allowing more people to access sustainable transport networks.

They aim to reduce the levels of private car journeys between Cambridge and the surrounding villages by providing sustainable transport options and enabling connections between neighbouring villages and towns.

We want to nurture strong and vibrant communities across Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire by connecting people and promoting greener, cleaner travel.

an example of covered cycling parking in use adjacent to car parking and bus stop


Summer 2016 - All parish councils in South Cambridgeshire contacted and asked for feedback on potential locations for a Rural Travel Hub. Twelve sites were identified by the parishes.

Spring 2017 – The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) Executive Board agreed to conduct a feasibility study to investigate the 12 potential sites put forward by the parish councils, followed by an initial workshop for councillors in September 2017.

Spring 2018 - A feasibility study was published, with recommendations for pilot Rural Travel Hubs in Oakington, Sawston and Whittlesford. The GCP Executive Board agreed to progress Oakington and Sawston, with Whittlesford undergoing a Masterplanning Exercise to understand all local transport issues.

Summer 2018 - Initial engagement with Oakington, Sawston and surrounding villages to gather feedback on potential pilot Rural Travel Hubs for these communities.

Autumn 2018 - Public consultation on options for a Rural Travel Hub in Oakington. Further work undertaken on potential locations for a Rural Travel Hub in Sawston.

Spring 2019 - Greater Cambridge Partnership Executive Board reviewed consultation results.

Oakington Rural Travel Hub Consultation Report

Published on 11 Nov 2019

RTH Sawston Feasibility Report v3

Published on 11 Nov 2019

Whittlesford Parkway Stage Two Report - Final

Published on 11 Nov 2019

Rural Travel Hubs Feasibility Study 30-11-17

Published on 11 Nov 2019

Skanska RTH Presentation_06_09_2017

Published on 11 Nov 2019

Consultation on Bus Hubs December 2016

Published on 11 Nov 2019

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