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On 1st July the GCP Executive Board approved the Strategic Outline Business Case (SOBC) for the Waterbeach to Cambridge Project that confirmed there is a strategic case – and public support - for a new high-quality public transport route between Waterbeach and Cambridge that would improve access to Cambridge from the north via the A10 corridor for journeys by public transport, cycling and walking.

The project team is now starting the technical work needed to take this project forward, including developing potential options for a preferred route. These will be based on the two areas of interest identified in the strategic business case – the Western area of interest and a revised central area of interest, as shown in the map below.

As part of the work to identify the preferred route we will be undertaking further stakeholder engagement later in the year. Our aim is to be able to undertake a public consultation on the preferred route for the Waterbeach to Cambridge project later next year.

The results of this consultation and stakeholder engagement will be taken to the GCP Executive Board alongside further technical work to ask them to take a decision on a preferred route.

The papers for the July 1st GCP executive board can be found by clicking here

Project Summary

The Waterbeach to Cambridge Better Public Transport and Active Travel project is part of the Greater Cambridge Partnership’s transport programme, investing devolved City Deal funding in a comprehensive package of initiatives to tackle the congestion Greater Cambridge faces now and enable it to grow in the future.

It is one of four corridor projects that aim to provide better public transport and active travel routes, such as walking and cycling, offering better connections and alternatives to car use for growing communities to the north, south east, east and west of the city.

Key Benefits/Goals

  • Segregated high quality public transport options;
  • On road public transport priority options including bus lanes;
  • Connections for sustainable modes across and between existing commercial properties and developments as well as to, from and between new developments;
  • Additional or relocated Park & Ride / interchange capacity;
  • Cycle and pedestrian links including both strategic and local options (and consideration of other non-motorised users);
  • Measures to physically integrate into other proposals such as the Milton Road project, the Chisholm Trail and the Waterbeach Greenways
  • Co-ordination with GCP’s City Access Project – which builds on the recommendations of theGreater Cambridge Citizen’s Assembly to develop measures to step-up sustainable transport connections through Cambridge’s historic heart.
Western area of interest and a revised central area of interest,

Project Details

As the delivery body for the Greater Cambridge City Deal, the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) is investing in solutions to tackle current and future transport problems by offering better and more sustainable ways to make journeys by public transport, cycling and walking.

The Waterbeach to Cambridge A10 corridor is one of the key radial routes into Cambridge. The corridor provides the main access into the city from the North East and consists of the single carriageway A10 between Waterbeach and the main Strategic Road Network at Junction 33, Milton Interchange on the A14.

The Waterbeach to Cambridge project team is considering options for improvements to infrastructure to ensure that planned employment and housing growth, such as at Waterbeach New Town, can be accommodated without increasing levels of traffic in Cambridge.

As we emerge from COVID-19 restrictions and communities continue to recover and grow in line with the area’s Local Plan, sustainable transport options will be vital to access work, study and other opportunities the city has to offer – whether using public transport, cycling or walking.

New routes will be served by modern, electric vehicles to limit air pollution and noise and complemented by travel hubs to encourage park and ride journeys and end-to-end space for active travel options like walking and cycling.


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