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Road sign at Cambridge Biomedical Campus showing roundabout with details of Addenbrookes Hospital A&E and parking.
P R O J E C T  S U M M A R Y

The West of Cambridge package would provide an improved Park & Ride, cycling and pedestrian facilities from the west of the city. These facilities would provide better access to employment sites such as the Cambridge Biomedical Campus and the West Cambridge site as well as the North West Cambridge site.

The West of Cambridge package, along with a new public transport link from Cambourne to Cambridge, could also ensure better journeys by public transport between Cambourne and Addenbrooke’s, which could take under half an hour on a traffic-free route. 

As a part of this package, a new Park & Ride site could be built at Junction 11 of the M11. For more information on this part of the scheme please see its own project page.


A quick and reliable alternative to travel through the City Centre

B E N E F I T S  O F  T H E  P R O J E C T

The benefits of this scheme include:

  • a faster, more frequent reliable alternative to travelling through Cambridge city centre
  • supports the delivery of new homes across South Cambridgeshire
  • supports access to key employment locations and job creation
  • improves local public transport infrastructure
Map of main highways and railway line in Cambridge, with proposed routes of Western Orbital Bus Link

This project was originally titled as the 'Western Orbital' scheme. The project was then widened to include further transport improvement options.

On 21 November 2017 the Greater Cambridge Partnership agreed the West of Cambridge Package would, therefore, comprise of the following:

  • A potential new Park & Ride at junction 11 of the M11
  • Improvements to Girton Interchange
  • Engagement with Highways England on an M11 smart motorway upgrade

This package would also work with emerging plans for the CAM metro, Cambridge South Train Station, and Foxton travel hub. 

West of Cambridge Package Gallery

G E T  I N V O L V E D

Engagement within the West of Cambridge package is currently on hold as the schemes are developed.  


This project would be considered for funding from any second tranche of monies received from Central Government. 

Frequently asked questions

A.  This scheme is in its early conceptual stages and detailed plans or proposals of cycling improvements on Barton Road are not available. Cycle improvements can take many forms from improving existing paths by resurfacing and/or increasing path width to creating new cycleways, cycle priority and crossing points for both cyclists and pedestrians.

The level of interest and support for cycle improvements to Barton Road – and what form these should take – is one of the elements we would like to gauge through this consultation.  Any cycle improvements would be linked and proportionate to the measures suggested for Junction 12 under the various options.

A.  The existing Trumpington Park & Ride is very busy and will reach capacity shortly. Developments including Trumpington Meadows and Clay Farm will add to congestion at peak times along Trumpington Road, this will get worse if no action is taken.

An additional Park & Ride on County Council optioned land will encourage car drivers to access the City in buses and help to reduce congestion across the Junction and along the route.

A.  We would like your feedback on what facilities you would like to see at any new Park & Ride or Park & Cycle sites. Possibilities could include hire bikes, changing facilities, lockers, Brompton Docks, secure cycle storage and covered racks but have yet to be determined. 

A. Currently, there is no Park & Ride provision at the Barton junction of the M11. Options B, C and D suggest a Park & Cycle or Park & Ride near the junction in order to improve travel options from those living to the west and south west of Cambridge. No land has yet been identified for a site, and any decision on location would be subject landowner agreements and the decision of the City deal Executive Board. 

We are currently assessing the demand for parking and cycle facilities, which new P&R would generate. We need to consider not only current demand but also allow for future growth in demand.


pptx Western Orbital Site Specific Engagement Group 13.12.17

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pdf Western Orbital End of Stage Summary 17-11-07

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docx Trumpington Residents Association statement RE Hauxton & Harston proposed resolution Western Orbital LLF 30.10.2017

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docx Trumpington Residents Association statement RE CPPF preference Western Orbital LLF 30.10.2017

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docx Trumpington Residents Association Park & Ride proposal to Western Orbital LLF 30.10.2017

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pptx Western Orbital LLF Presentation 30.10.2017

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pdf Western Orbital Quick Guide

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pdf WO Background Paper: P&R assessment report 01.09.2017

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pdf WO Presentation LLF 21.06.2017

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pdf WO Park Cycle Workshop 19.06.2017

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docx Western Orbital FAQs

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pdf Western Orbital Executive Board Report 8.12.16

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pdf Western Orbital Presentation 03.12.15

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pdf Western Orbital Executive Board Paper 24.11.16

403.73 KB


pdf Western Orbital M11 J11 Background Report 23.11.16

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pdf Western Orbital Consultation Report 03.06.16

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pdf Western Orbital Brief Preferred Option 01.04.16

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pdf Western Orbital Constraints Map 1 22.1.16

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pdf Western Orbital Environmental Map 22.1.16

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pdf Western Orbital Constraints Map 2 22.1.16

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pdf Western Orbital M11 Junction Update 03.12.15

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pdf Western Orbital Executive Board Paper 3.12.15

601.88 KB


pdf Western Orbital Option D 29.09.15

354.10 KB


pdf Western Orbital Option C 29.09.15

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pdf Western Orbital Option B 29.09.15

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pdf Western Orbital Option A 29.09.15

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pdf Western Orbital Study Appendix 29.09.15

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pdf Western Orbital Technical Options Report 29.09.15

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