Dates and locations of upcoming meetings, agenda, reports and minutes are available on the Cambridgeshire County Council CMIS pages.

Board members

Substitute representatives:

Member conduct

As set out in the Terms of Reference and Standing Orders for the Joint Assembly and Executive Board (see documents below), member conduct is governed by either the code of conduct set out by the nominating authority or the code of conduct set out by Cambridgeshire County Council (for members who are not nominated by a Local Authority). The code of conduct set by each authority includes the provisions for declarations of interest. The codes of conduct for each authority can be found below:

Elected members’ declaration of interest can be found on their profile page on their council’s website. This can be accessed by clicking on their name in the list above.

Declarations of interest – non-elected members

Published 15 May 2024

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Published 15 May 2024

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Terms of reference and public question protocol

Published 15 May 2024

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Published 15 May 2024

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