Hills Road project update

Published 15 February 2024

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Hills Road nr OLEM

As we continue to develop the design for the Hills Road project, we'll be providing updates to give you the latest news as the project moves forward.

We'll give an overview of how the project reached this point – the journey so far – as well as information about what happens next, how we will involve stakeholders and the public, and how you can keep up to date.

The journey so far

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The Hills Road project – formerly known as Cycling Plus Hills Road – aims to help improve the road for everyone and to join up existing cycling links.

It is one of two routes that were approved for funding by our Executive Board following public consultation in 2021.

We have involved the public in the plans for Hills Road, and in 2023 we consulted on two conceptual designs. These included an option to make minor amendments to the section of Hills Road between Purbeck Road and the Lensfield Road junction. The other option was to make more significant changes to improve the road for people walking and cycling.

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St.Paul's Church

Following the analysis of public consultation feedback, one of the things people told us was they liked the option with more substantial changes, but we should also do something to improve the Lensfield Road junction itself.

Other comments suggested that removing the sections of bus lane would increase bus times, making people’s journeys slower.

We’ve listened to the feedback and are using the information to develop a preferred concept design for the route, as well as a new/additional option for the Lensfield Road junction.

The latest designs were presented to our Executive Board in January, which approved progress to the next stage of the project subject to further testing and modelling of the options, and further public consultation. The papers from the meeting are here: Council and committee meetings - Cambridgeshire County Council > Meetings (

This isn’t the end of the story. We want to work with you over the spring and summer to understand your concerns and develop the designs to make travelling along Hills Road a better experience for all of us.

What's next?


Over the coming months we’ll model the options presented for the Hills Road/Lensfield Road junction.

This is really important, as we are keen to understand the potential impact on the area, and in particular on residents, of any changes to Hills Road. This could be the effect on the amount of traffic, on journey times and/or on the wider road network, such as Brooklands Avenue, Park Terrace and Parkside, amongst others.

We will be engaging with local residents’ associations and other interested stakeholders during this time, ahead of a further public consultation later this year when you will have another opportunity to share your views on the proposals.

We want to stress that no decision has yet been made about changes to Hills Road and won’t be until after the next consultation has been completed. Your views on helping us to improve this area of Cambridge for the benefit of everyone will be incredibly useful.