Milton Road update: October 2023

Published 01 November 2023

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Walkthrough 5

The Milton Road project aims to improve public transport, cycling and walking infrastructure to make these sustainable travel options a more attractive alternative to the car.

This month has been a busy one with a tree planting ceremony, more works being completed and new areas being started.

Tree planting event

Milton Rd Oct 23 tree planting

To celebrate the near completion of the landscaping on the Highworth Avenue / Elizabeth Way roundabout, members of the Milton Road community marked the project’s progress with the planting of a tree on the roundabout.

This will be just one of almost two hundred trees which have been / will be planted in total on Milton Road.

Cllr Elisa Meschini, chair of the GCP Executive Board, planted the tree alongside representatives from Milton Road Residents’ Association and Hurst Park Avenue Resident’s Association (HPERA). Members of the local community helped select the trees, plants and shrubs, including the tree planted, a Birch ‘Fascination’, which thrives in sunshine or semi-shade, has an attractive deep orange bark and green leaves that turn yellow in the autumn.

This tree – and all the trees planted – will be maintained with regular visual inspections, core testing (to determine moisture content), watering, pest and disease control checks, application of slow-release fertiliser and general pruning. By doing this, the trees can successfully establish themselves as part of the scheme in the long term, increasing the resilience of Milton Road in the future. 

Since the community planting, all landscaping on the roundabout is now complete.

Milton Rd Oct 23 roundabout

Completed landscaping at Highworth Avenue / Elizabeth Way roundabout.

For more information on tree maintenance, please watch our video in which Willerby Landscapes explains the system: Greater Cambridge Partnership: Milton Road – tree maintenance - YouTube

Highworth Avenue / Elizabeth Way roundabout works

Works on the south-west quadrant of the roundabout are almost complete, and the area will be open for use again soon.

A small section within this area still requires the surface course of tarmac to be laid. This work will shortly be carried out after the lighting column is moved to its relocated position.

Once the last few remaining works are completed on the south-west quadrant, we will be installing the new traffic islands on the remaining three arms of the roundabout - the old ones have already been removed. The new islands will provide improved crossing facilities for users of Milton Road, proving more space for safer travel.

Tree pit and soil cell installation

Milton Rd October 23 tree pits

We are currently excavating opposite Milton Road Library and installing tree pits and tree soil cells which help to protect utilities and pavements from tree roots.

To find out more about the system we use to plant trees in hard landscaping, please watch this video from the company who developed and supplied the materials: GreenBlue Urban


King’s Hedges junction

Milton Rd Oct 23 KH

We are making good progress on the south-east (outside Co-op) quadrant of the King’s Hedges junction.

Excavation is currently taking place to install drainage and tree pits, and kerbs for the pedestrian walkway and the cycle lane are being laid. Specialist sockets have been installed for the crossing beacons, and tactile surfacing has been added.

There is a pedestrian diversion in place for this quadrant (see below). In addition, the ‘no right turn’ for vehicles from Milton Road northbound onto Green End Road is still in effect. This is to ensure safety for all users while we construct the junction. Please follow the diversion via the roundabout at the A14 interchange.

Milton Rd Oct 23 KH diversion

Pedestrian access to Co-op area from west side of Milton Road.

Cook Close

Milton Rd Oct 23 Cook Close 1

The Copenhagen crossing on Cook Close is well under way.

Copenhagen crossings provide an extension of footways and cycle lanes across the carriageway of a side street where it intersects with primary or secondary routes. Once completed, this junction will resemble that of Oak Tree Avenue and Kendal Way.

A benefit of these crossings is that they provide a visual indication that pedestrians and cyclists have priority. They also reduce vehicle speeds on the approach to the junction and when turning from the main road onto the side road.

Milton Rd Oct 23 Cook Close 2

We are also laying binder coursing near Cook Close.

A binder course is generally a combination of stone, gravel and bitumen, which is placed between the base layer and the surfacing of the asphalt pavement. Its function is to distribute the load from the surfacing into the base layer, strengthening the footpath or cycle path to prevent damage and extend its lifetime. Binder coursing differs from the surface layer, which may not be added immediately, and is smoother while retaining adequate friction for safety. 

Mitcham’s Corner

Milton Rd Oct 23 Mitcham's 1

The east side of Mitcham’s Corner is taking shape well as these ‘before and after’ photographs show.

There is now more room for pedestrians and cyclists while parking for visitors to shops is maintained.

Mitcham's Corner: September 2021 (Google maps).

Milton Rd Oct 23 Mitcham's 2

There is space for vehicle doors to be opened without impacting the cycle lane or footpath and there is now additional space for pedestrians to walk, or even enjoy a morning coffee.

Mitcham's Corner: October 2023, with work underway

Arbury Road to Milton Arms pub

We have recently closed the western side of Milton Road from Arbury Road to the Milton Arms pub for works on this section to begin.

Initial works will include starting with trial holes and excavation to construct the new footway and cycle lanes. Pedestrians will now need to cross onto the east side of Milton Road at the Arbury Road crossroads, or north of the pub, to continue with their journey north/south along Milton Road. We are aware that a small section within this area on the east is narrow and have committed to addressing this with our contractors.

For pedestrians walking out of Birch Close, who are unable to turn left or right, as the footway either side is closed, there is a short path to the left which leads to a pedestrian crossing.

Fraser Road to Kendal Way

A utilities company needed to make a connection in this area and excavated a section of the newly laid cycle lane.

We will be carrying out remedial work on this soon.

Double yellow lines

As each section is completed, a process of painting double yellow lines will begin. We have completed this work at the Mitcham’s Corner end of Milton Road.

Double yellow lines are being added following feedback from residents, who wanted a solution to vehicle drivers waiting on verges and damaging the landscaping on the roadside as well as blocking cycle lanes. The restrictions imposed by double yellow lines apply to the carriageway, footpath and verge, (providing verge and footway are highway land) and prevent damage to finished works. If there is a dropped kerb across the front of your property and you have a driveway for vehicles, then you can cross the double yellow lines to access your property. You may also stop to load or unload personal or business-related items (unless there are also loading restrictions as shown by signs) or while passengers get in or out of a vehicle. Double yellow lines mean no waiting at any time.

Bus stop update

Suspended bus stops

The following bus stops are currently suspended and have been replaced as shown in the table below.

Bus stop

Temporary location

Westbrook Centre northbound

Chesterton Road outside Carpet Mill

Downham’s Lane southbound

280 Milton Road

Fraser Road northbound

Opposite Cook Close

Fraser Road southbound

280 Milton Road

Ramsden Square northbound

Opposite Cook Close

Golden Hind southbound

398 Milton Road


Permanent bus stop

The following bus stop relocation is now permanent.

Bus stop

New, permanent location

Kendal Way southbound

398 Milton Road (permanent)

Walkthrough 8

The following bus services are currently stopping on Milton Road: 

  • Milton P&R (PR5) Stopping at P&R, Science Park, Kendal Way (southbound stop permanently moved to 398 Milton Rd), Fraser Rd /Ramsden Square (northbound stop temporarily moved to opposite Cook Close and southbound stop temporarily moved to 280 Milton Road), Downham’s Lane (southbound stop temporarily moved to 280 Milton Rd), Ascham Rd, Westbrook Centre (northbound stop temporarily moved to outside Carpet Mill on Chesterton Road). 
  • Number 9 Stopping at Science Park, Kendal Way (southbound stop permanently moved to 398 Milton Rd), Fraser Rd / Ramsden Square (northbound stop temporary moved to opposite Cook Close and southbound temporarily moved to 280 Milton Road), Downham’s Lane (southbound stop also temporarily moved to 280 Milton Rd), Ascham Rd, Westbrook Centre (northbound stop temporarily moved to outside Carpet Mill on Chesterton Road).  
  • B the busway Stopping at Westbrook Centre (northbound stop temporarily moved to outside Carpet Mill on Chesterton Road).  
  • 4A Only stopping at Kendal Way (southbound stop permanently moved to 398 Milton Rd) - service once a day.  
  • Number 2 Stopping at P&R, driving test centre, Cambs North, driving test centre, Chesterton - Milton Rd.  
  • Number 1 Stopping at Westbrook Centre southbound.

Facts and figures since we started work on Milton Road

footpaths and trees

Approximately 1550m of footpaths and cycle lanes have been completed.

Nearly 200 trees have been / will be planted.


6,000 metres of main, edging and demarcation kerbs have been installed.

drainage and utilities

1800m of drainage channel has been fitted.

Approximately 108 utilities have been diverted. 


14,200 tonnes of materials have been excavated.

North Area Committee

There is a meeting of the North Area Committee on Monday 13 November at 6.30pm. Milton Road is one of the agenda items. If you would like to participate, please email For further details and a link to view the meeting, visit: Browse meetings - North Area Committee - Cambridge Council

Drop-in session

The next monthly drop-in session, with staff from Milestone, will be 11am – 12pm on Monday 6 November at Milton Road library. Please do note that this is a drop-in session and visitors are encouraged to free up space for those coming in.