Milton Road update: November 2023

Published 01 December 2023

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Walkthrough 5

The Milton Road project aims to improve public transport, cycling and walking infrastructure to make these sustainable travel options a more attractive alternative to the car.

This month has been a busy one with more works being completed or nearly complete and new areas well underway.   

Westbrook Centre bus stop at Mitcham’s Corner - west

Westbrook BS

The Westbrook Centre bus stop and pavement section, from Westbrook northbound to Gilbert Road, is now open for access to the care home and hotel.

The crossing at Gilbert Road will not be in use. It is possible to turn left from Milton Road northbound onto the south side of Gilbert Road, but to continue northwards along Milton Road, you will need to cross over to the east side of Milton Road using one of the designated crossing points south of the Gilbert Road junction.

Mitcham’s Corner cycle stands

Cycle racks with bicycles

Six new cycle stands have been installed on Mitcham’s Corner directly outside the row of shops.

Downham’s Lane to Woodhead Drive - west

Asphalit grouped

The section between Downham’s Lane and Woodhead Drive will open in December.

The team has been busy asphalting to complete the footpath and cycleway.

At present, Downham’s Lane is operating under a three-way lights system. In order to provide a safe route for pedestrians, we have incorporated the pedestrian crossing which was previously outside the Milton Arms. Downham’s Lane will be open without traffic lights for the Christmas period. If necessary, the traffic lights will be reintroduced after the Christmas break.

Fraser Road to King’s Hedges

Fraser Road bus

An additional section of cycleway and footway will be opening before Christmas creating a direct route between King’s Hedges junction and Fraser Road on the east.

We will shortly be opening another section of footway and cycleway on the west from Downham’s Lane heading north. Unfortunately, this will not quite reach Woodhead Drive just yet but we will add this as soon as possible in the new year.

Once this area on the west is opened, we will switch the traffic over to start works on the east from Fraser Road heading south.

King’s Hedges junction

KH junction

The south-east quadrant of King’s Hedges is scheduled to be complete by Christmas.

Access to all four points will be available over the Christmas break.

Work outside the Co-op is nearly complete. We will then move round onto Green End Road and anticipate completing this section by Christmas.

Once the section outside the Co-op is ready, works on the junction will then be paused, and there will be pedestrian access to all four quadrants over the Christmas break.

Construction of the south-west quadrant will start in the New Year.

We are prioritising the flow of traffic on Milton Road, in order to ease congestion, which means it may take longer for pedestrians to use the crossings at King’s Hedges after pressing the crossing button. We have installed notices to inform pedestrians about a longer wait time. Please do not attempt to cross the road until the light turns green, for the safety of all users of the area.

Mitcham’s Corner

Block paving

The team has been laying block paving along the route.

In this photograph, paving is being laid as part of the hard surfacing around newly planted trees.

Excavation for kerbs

Excavation is underway on some sections of the western side of Mitcham’s Corner (see left) opposite the shops.

We are excavating the pedestrian footway for the new kerb line.

Ascham Road bus stop

Ascham Rd BS

The bus stop outside 134 Milton Road is under construction.

Kerbs are being laid, after which we will construct the pedestrian pavement and cycle lane.

Arbury Road shops area

Work will shortly be starting at the Arbury shops area on the west side of Milton Road.

The section from the Highworth Avenue / Elizabeth Way roundabout to the electricity substation by 107 Milton Road has already started. In the New Year work will take place up to the junction with Arbury Road.

Double yellow lines

Temporary double yellow lines are being installed.

Following feedback from residents, who wanted a solution to vehicle drivers waiting on verges and damaging the landscaping on the roadside, as well as blocking cycle lanes, temporary double yellow lines are being laid throughout completed areas on Milton Road. These temporary double yellow lines will remain until permanent resurfacing of the carriageway takes place. After this, permanent double yellow lines will be painted.

Speed enforcement

A mobile speed-camera van has been introduced along Milton Road.

This will change location as necessary. This is to ensure drivers adhere to the legally enforceable 20mph speed limit on Milton Road. We therefore ask those driving along the road to keep to the legal speed limit. Those found speeding will be reported to the police.

Parking restrictions at Mitcham’s Corner

Before Christmas, signage will be installed informing drivers of parking restrictions at the shops on the east side of the Mitcham’s Corner area of Milton Road.

The signage will read:

“Mon-Sat 30 minutes, no return within 30 minutes.”

This is enforceable and will be monitored by parking attendants. This replicates the previous parking restrictions that were in place for the area prior to works starting.

Fibre ducting on Milton Road helps to bring faster internet access

Over 21 km of fibre ducting (about the length of a half marathon) has been installed or is planned during the construction of new road, bus and cycleway schemes across Cambridgeshire by 2025.

These include major transport upgrades such as those carried out by the GCP on Histon Road and Milton Road in Cambridge, and planned cycle paths for Linton and Papworth.

The fibre ducting is being integrated during the construction of new bus and cycle ways as part of the Connecting Cambridgeshire programme’s innovative ‘Dig Once’ policy – one of the first of its kind in the country to be adopted by local councils, which is bringing measurable benefits for local people and the environment. This infrastructure will mean less invasive works are required on Milton Road in the future when it comes to implementing/upgrading fibre cabling.

Installing fibre ducting during the construction of the bus and cycleway schemes in Milton Road is estimated to have saved over 4 tonnes of CO2e emissions in the reduction of materials used per km of duct compared to retrospectively fitting it.

Bus stop update

Generic bus stop

Any bus stops that are not listed are currently open and functioning as normal.

‘Bus stop suspended’ signage will always be displayed with a notice of the new temporary location. Information boards and service provider websites will also display information.

Suspended bus stops

The following bus stops are currently suspended:


Bus stop

Temporary location

Downham’s Lane southbound

270 Milton Road

Downham’s Lane northbound

209 Milton Road

Fraser Road northbound

209 Milton Road

Kendal Way northbound

Opposite Cook Close

Golden Hind southbound

398 Milton Road


Now open

Bus stop

Westbrook Centre northbound

Union Lane southbound

Kendal Way southbound


The following bus services are currently stopping on Milton Road: 

  • Milton P&R (PR5)
    Stopping at P&R, Science Park, Kendal Way (southbound stop now open and northbound stop temporarily moved to opposite Cook Close), Fraser Rd (northbound temporarily moved to 209 Milton Road) Ramsden Square (northbound stop temporarily moved to opposite Cook Close and southbound stop temporarily moved to 280 Milton Road), Downham’s Lane (southbound stop temporarily moved to 270 Milton Rd and northbound to 209 Milton Road), Union Lane, Ascham Rd, Westbrook Centre (northbound now open for access to care home and hotel). 
  • Number 9
    Stopping at Science Park, Kendal Way (southbound stop now open and northbound stop temporarily moved to opposite Cook Close), Fraser Road (northbound temporarily moved to 209 Milton Road) Ramsden Square (northbound stop temporary moved to opposite Cook Close and southbound temporarily moved to 280 Milton Road), Downham’s Lane (southbound stop also temporarily moved to 280 Milton Rd), Union Lane, Ascham Rd, Westbrook Centre (now open for access to care home and hotel). 
  • B the busway
    Stopping at Westbrook Centre (now open for access to care home and hotel).  
  • 4A
    Only stopping at Kendal Way (southbound stop now open and northbound stop temporarily moved to opposite Cook Close) - service once a day.  
  • Number 2
    Stopping at P&R, driving test centre, Cambs North, driving test centre, Chesterton - Milton Rd.  
  • Number 1
    Stopping at Westbrook Centre southbound.

Drop-in session

The next monthly drop-in session, with staff from Milestone, will be 11am – 12pm on Monday 4 December at Milton Road library.

Please do note that this is a drop-in session and visitors are encouraged to free up space for those coming in.