Transport expert appointed for C2C audit

Transport expert appointed for C2C audit

Published: Thursday, February 25, 2021

Amey Consulting has been commissioned to audit the Cambourne to Cambridge Better Public Transport project on behalf of Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP)

The audit will be led by Dr John Sutton, technical director for Amey Consulting, who has more than 35 years’ experience of transport planning, appraisal, transport operations on bus and rail, and research in the UK, USA and Asia, including assessment of route options for major roads.

The audit is being overseen by an independent person, Phil Swann, who has commissioned Dr Sutton after a competitive process.

Dr Sutton’s audit of the C2C project will focus on the assumptions and constraints that underpinned the analysis that led to the selection of the preferred route and the elimination of alternative options, including the northern options.

The objective is to test the robustness of those assumptions and constraints and determine whether they remain appropriate in the context of the current strategic frameworks and the East West Rail plans.

Dr Sutton’s first task will be to prepare a statement of assumptions and constraints. Local representative groups will be invited to submit further written representations on the statement.

Dr John Sutton said:

“I am pleased to be appointed to undertake the audit of this project. For the record, I have not previously worked with the Greater Cambridge Partnership or on any aspect of the Cambourne to Cambridge project.

"I will ensure I will listen to all different views as I carry out this audit. Amey Consulting’s expertise in sustainable transport systems and our strong history in conducting rigorous feasibility studies, means we are expertly placed to assess the best public transport route to serve the people of Cambridgeshire.”

The proposed future timetable for the review is:

  • w/c 22 February: transport expert appointed
  • w/c 15 March: publication of statement of assumptions and constraints and invitation to representative groups to submit further written representations
  • w/c 29 March: deadline for submission of written representations
  • w/c 3 May: deadline for completion of audit w/c 17 May: independent person prepares covering report and presentation on the audit.

More details, including the Terms of Reference for the audit and Dr Sutton's CV, can be found on the Cambourne to Cambridge - Independent Audit page.

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