Our vision

Creating better and greener transport networks, connecting people to homes, jobs, study and opportunity.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership aims to develop a sustainable transport network for Greater Cambridge that keeps people, business and ideas connected, as the area continues to grow; to make it easy to get into, out of, and around Cambridge by public transport, by bike and on foot.

Through a range of projects, it will create a transport network fit for a small, compact city served by a growing network of rural towns and villages.

Why it is so important

The strain on roads and public transport is the result of decades of economic success, a rapid increase in population and the city's status as a top travel and tourism destination.

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30% population growth

The Greater Cambridge area of Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire is set to grow by up to 30% over the next 15 years – with the population rising by 65,000 to 338,000 by 2031 (from 273,000 in 2011).

25,000 increase on the network

Population growth means trips on the transport network will increase by 25,000 by 2031 (from 101,000 in 2011 to 126,000).

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Public Transport Schemes

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  • Ease congestion and prioritise greener and active travel, making it easier for people to travel by bus, rail, cycle or on foot to improve average journey time 

  • Keep the Greater Cambridge area well connected to the regional and national transport network, opening up opportunities by working closely with strategic partners 

  • Reallocate limited road space in the city centre and invest public transport (including Park & Ride) to make bus travel quicker and more reliable 

  • Build an extensive network of new cycle-ways, directly connecting people to homes, jobs, study and opportunity, across the city and neighbouring villages

  • Help make people’s journeys and lives easier by making use of research and investing in cutting-edge technology   

  • Connect Cambridge with strategically important towns and cities by improving our rail stations, supporting the creation of new ones and financing new rail links


£500 million

The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) is worth up to £500 million in funding for transport infrastructure to boost economic growth.

£100 million

£100 million of government funding has been made available for transport in the first five years to 2020 – with up to a further £400 million thereafter if initial investments are shown to support economic growth and are on track and within budget.

Gateway Review 2020

In May 2020, the GCP successfully passed a government Gateway Review, which commented on the ‘significant success and progress’ the Partnership has made.

Following this, an extra £200 million funding was made available up to 2025.

The GCP continues to explore funding opportunities, for example through Section 106 agreements with developers, and to explore private funding opportunities.