A package of quick wins were delivered by the end of 2020.

Yarrow Road, Cherry Hinton The footpath between Fulbourn Road and just past the Tesco crossing was replaced with a 3.5m wide shared use foot/cycleway; the side road corners were tightened and crossings improved; the pelican crossing to the west of the Tesco roundabout was upgraded to a toucan crossing; two new bus stops were added at the request of residents.
Stapleford to Sawston The path was sided out, resurfaced and given new edgings to increase its width; a stretch outside Sawston village college along New Road was resurfaced.
Willingham to the busway Cutting back on the path from Willingham to the busway took place, as well as signage improvements to reduce conflict between users passing each other.
Rampton to the busway Resurfacing work took place on Reynolds Drove.
Girton/Oakington to the busway Cutting back, siding out, resurfacing and widening took place as needed on the New Road route between Girton and Oakington and the busway. The shared use path along Oakington Road/Cambridge Road between Girton and Oakington was also improved.
Comberton to Barton The path was widened.                 
Renewal of solar studs A network of solar studs was introduced some years ago: some of the locations where studs were renewed include Cottenham to Histon, Horningsea to Fen Ditton and Melbourn to Harston.
Wadloes Path, Fen Ditton New path edgings, new bollards, signage and new stud lighting were put in as part of widening works. Benches were relocated to the back of the widened path.