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Union Lane closure: January - May 2024

DU Union Lane

While works take place at the Arbury Road / Milton Road junction, Union Lane will be closed from the Milton Road end between 8 January to 16 February and 26 February to 24 May. 

By closing Union Lane, we can alter the traffic light timings to improve traffic flow in the area while providing access for pedestrians and cyclists from Milton Road onto Union Lane as normal. There is a diversion route to Union Lane by vehicle via Green End Road/Scotland Road and/or via Chesterton High Street from the Elizabeth Way roundabout during the duration of the closures.

We appreciate this will be disruptive and apologise for any inconvenience which may be caused but by carrying out the works in this manner we hope to reduce the overall impact of disruption to both residents of Union Lane, and the wider community of Milton Road by minimising congestion and waiting times at this busy junction.

Ramsden Square closure: early 2024

DU Ramsden Square diagram

Works to create a new Copenhagen crossing for Ramsden Square (similar to the one at Kendal Way – image below) are starting after Christmas. To enable these works to take place, the exit on to Milton Road will be closed to all means of transport from 8 January 2024 for approximately 8 weeks.

Access to Ramsden Square by foot, cycle or vehicle will be via King’s Hedges Road as shown in the diagram.

October 2023 tree planting event

Milton Road tree planting Oct 23

To celebrate the near completion of the landscaping on the Highworth Avenue / Elizabeth Way roundabout, in October 2023 members of the Milton Road community marked the project’s progress with the planting of a tree on the roundabout. This will be just one of almost two hundred trees planted in total on Milton Road.

Cllr Elisa Meschini, chairperson of our Executive Board, planted the tree alongside representatives from Milton Road Residents’ Association and Hurst Park Avenue Resident’s Association (HPERA). Members of the local community helped select the trees, plants and shrubs, including the tree planted today, a Birch ‘Fascination’. This tree thrives in sunshine or semi-shade, has an attractive deep orange bark, green leaves that turn yellow in the autumn, and will grow in any moist but well-drained soil. All vegetation on the scheme has been carefully selected to enable it to thrive in this urban environment.

This tree – and all the trees planted – will be maintained with regular visual inspections, core testing (to determine moisture content), watering, pest and disease control checks, application of slow-release fertiliser and general pruning. By doing this, the trees can successfully establish themselves as part of the scheme in the long term, increasing the resilience of Milton Road in the future. 

For more information on tree maintenance, please scroll down to see a video, which takes a more detailed look at how the trees are being cared for.

On the Milton Road project, trees have been planted in both hard and soft landscaping. In the hard landscaping areas, there is a structural soil system beneath the paving which stretches underneath the cycle path to give the trees enough room to grow their roots. There is also a root barrier along the sides of these tree pits to stop the tree roots growing under the roadway and the cycle path, which prevents the roots becoming hazardous in future years.

Before being planted on Milton Road, each tree has matured in a nursery for six to eight years, and together the trees make up a diverse landscape of plant species. On the roundabout, these include acers, liquidambar styracifilua, betula albosinesis, cotoneaster, and viburnum, and were carefully selected by the local community, who helped design the scheme in collaboration with us.

Tree maintenance

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    Milestone, our main contractor, will produce regular email updates on the work progress. To receive these updates directly, please register at Directly affected properties will also receive mailings at appropriate stages during construction.
  • Project web pages
    We'll keep these pages up-to-date throughout the construction period.
  • Public drop-in points
    Milestone will be setting up a public drop-in point at Milton Road library. This will enable you to speak directly to contractors about any concerns regarding the works. Opening times of the public drop-in points will be advertised shortly.
  • Contractor’s contact details
    If you have any concerns during the construction, please do get in touch with Milestone’s Milton Road Customer Liaison Officer, Naomi Warren by emailing You can also phone Milestone through their 24-hour contact centre: 0800 023 4762.
  • Milton Road Residents’ Association
    We’ve been working closely with the local residents’ association: they can be contacted via to assist with enquires.


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