Making Connections - 8

In September 2023, our executive board took the decision to stop further development of the Making Connections proposals.

In 2021 we asked for your feedback on several things.

  • A transformed bus network with more frequent services and cheaper fares over a larger operating area with new access to employment sites and rural communities
  • Better cycling and walking routes and improved public spaces
  • Funding transport improvements through a pollution-based charge for road use based on vehicle emissions or a flexible charge for road use which would charge all private vehicles to drive within an area at specific times
  • Changes including higher charges for existing car parking, applying on-street parking charges to more streets, and introducing a workplace parking levy (a yearly fee charged to businesses per parking space)

You can find the Making Connections 2021 report and associated documents below.

Consultation report and responses

Published 15 Jun 2022
GCP Making Connections report 13June22

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Published 28 Sep 2022
Making Connections 2021 survey responses

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Engagement with young people, bus users and people on low incomes