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The Haslingfield Greenway will be an active travel route to make it easier for walkers, cyclists and horse riders to travel from Haslingfield into Cambridge.

It is one of twelve Greater Cambridge Greenways. These will make it easier both to travel in a pleasant and sustainable way into and out of Cambridge and to enjoy our countryside for leisure purposes. They will also help to make local journeys such as school and nursery runs safer and easier. In some cases these are new routes, or routes with new sections, whilst others will be based on existing paths.

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Latest news

Haslingfield Village Hall

Our Executive Board agreed to progress designs for the Haslingfield Greenway through Grantchester following public consultation in summer 2023 with some changes to the designs. We are now updating the designs and working to submit any planning applications, path creation orders and associated permits for the whole route.

Early works for the junction of Grantchester Road and Barton Road in Newnham are being rescheduled.

Route details

The Haslingfield Greenway runs for 4 miles with a 2.1 mile spur.

The draft greenway starts at Haslingfield. One route links to Hauxton on the Melbourn Greenway by following the existing bridleway route. The other route proceeds past Canteloupe Farm where it divides. The main route continues to Grantchester. It then enters Cambridge via the Cambridge rugby club and ends at Barton Road opposite the Grange Road junction. This allows convenient access to the Sidgwick Site and other routes into Cambridge. The secondary route from Canteloupe Farm follows a northerly direction to join the Barton Greenway not far from Roman Hill. There will be grassy verges for horse riding and jogging or rambling as well as hedges and other planting and landscaping.

Haslingfield greenway map

Key benefits

  • Green active travel into and out of Cambridge for walkers, cyclists and horse riders
  • Easy and safe travel, to work places, local schools and colleges, shops and transport hubs
  • Links to the Melbourn Greenway and the Cambridge South West Travel Hub
  • Link to the Barton Greenway, to Grantchester, the Sidgwick Site and on to the West Cambridge Campus
  • Improved safety at the M11 crossover bridge with a ramp.

Background documents

Published 27 Nov 2023
Haslingfield consultation report

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Published 31 Oct 2023
Haslingfield early works designs 2023

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Published 17 Mar 2023
Haslingfield Greenway You Said We Did 2023

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Published 11 Nov 2022
West Area Community Forum_Greenways 07-11-22

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Published 12 Sep 2021

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Published 12 Sep 2021

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