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The Linton Greenway will provide safer and better route for people walking, cycling and where appropriate, horse-riding, between Linton, Hildersham, Babraham and Cambridge.

It is one of twelve Greater Cambridge Greenways. These will make it easier both to travel in a pleasant and sustainable way into and out of Cambridge and to enjoy our countryside for leisure purposes. They will also help to make local journeys such as school and nursery runs safer and easier. In some cases these are new routes, or routes with new sections, whilst others will be based on existing paths.

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Linton Greenway

The Linton Greenway has been divided into 5 sections of construction;

  • Sections 1 and 2 are complete and run alongside the A1307 between Addenbrooke’s and Babraham Research Campus. This consisted of widening of existing paths and verges to provide a path for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders, separated from the carriageway.
  • Section 3 involves further design work on the bridge crossing the A11 and is due to start construction in 2025.
  • Sections 4 and 5 are currently in progress, or due for construction by the end of this year.

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Route details

The route starts in Linton and follows along the A1307 to Hildersham. Sections of this path have already been widened.

The Hildersham crossroads have been improved to help users cross the A1307.

The route then proceeds on-road to Great and Little Abington, here it will cross the A11 on an upgraded footbridge, linking with the proposed A11/CSET Travel Hub and public transport route.

It will then continue along existing paths to Babraham, Babraham Research Campus and over to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

The existing paths along the A1307 towards the Cambridge Biomedical Campus have been improved and widened where possible.

The existing routes around the Cambridge Biomedical Campus will enable links with the Sawston and Melbourn Greenways as well as into Cambridge.

The Linton Greenway proposals were put forward as part of the Cambridge South East Transport  project.

Key benefits

  • Green active travel into and out of Cambridge for walkers, cyclists and horse-riders.
  • Easy and safe travel to workplaces, local schools and colleges, shops and transport hubs.
  • Links to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, the Sawston and Melbourn Greenways and the Chisholm Trail.
  • Wider existing footways and verges to provide a path for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders (where feasible), separated from the carriageway.
  • Improved footbridge across the A11, including adding ramps and stud lights
Linton Greenway Map Autumn 2023

Background Documents

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