Project Summary

The Cambridge South East Transport project offers better public transport and active travel options for the A1307 and A1301 area. It would improve journey times, reliability and link communities and employment sites in the area south east of Cambridge. 

Project Aims

The Cambridge South East Transport project is made up of two phases.

Phase 1 looks at road safety, walking, cycling and bus priority measures along the A1307 between Haverhill and Cambridge. Some of these elements are low cost and do not require extra land, as they are within the highway, or planning consent. These can be completed quickly. Please see the A1307 route map below for locations of these schemes. More information on the Phase 1 elements of the scheme can be found on the background page.

A continuous shared-use path for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders is planned from Cambridge to Linton and will form part of the Linton Greenway. More information on Greenways is available on the Greenways project page.

Phase 2 of the scheme involves a new public transport route from the A11 via Sawston and Shelford to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. Alongside this new public transport route will be a new path for walkers, cyclists and horse riders, similar to the one along the existing guided busways.

The proposals also include a new travel hub near the A11/A1307 junction. This travel hub would be in addition to the existing Babraham Road Park & Ride.

More details on the project are on the project's background page.

Key Benefits:

The project will:

  • Cut congestion
  • Improve air quality
  • Provide faster and more reliable transport routes into Cambridge and to employment sites
  • Link villages together
  • Improve junction safety through highway improvements
  • Provide high-quality walking and cycling facilities

Next Steps

Phase 2

We are now preparing a Transport and Works Act Order application. This is planned to be submitted to the Secretary of State for Transport in 2022.

A public inquiry is expected to follow before any construction would start.

Phase 1

Implementation of road safety, junction, walking, cycling and horse riding improvements along the A1307 is underway and schemes are scheduled to be completed over the next year. Works to be carried out include:

    • Linton Greenway - walking cycling and Horse riding improvements between Cambridge and Linton,
    • safety improvements at the Gog Farm Shop/Haverhill Road junction in Stapleford,
    • Hildersham crossroads - a new crossing for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians,
    • new roundabout at Bartlow Road in Linton,
    • safety improvements at the Dean Road crossroads.


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