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The Swaffhams Greenway will be an active travel route to make it easier for walking, cycling and, where appropriate horse-riding to travel from Swaffham Prior and Swaffham Bulbeck into Cambridge.

These will make it easier both to travel in a pleasant and sustainable way into and out of Cambridge and to enjoy our countryside for leisure purposes. They will also help to make local journeys such as school and nursery runs safer and easier. In some cases these are new routes, or routes with new sections, while others will be based on existing paths.

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Our Executive Board agreed to explore changes to designs with local stakeholders, and to submit required planning applications and orders necessary to create the route following public engagement in spring 2023. A full business case will be submitted to the joint assembly and executive board for approval in due course.

Route details

The Swaffhams Greenway runs for 8.2 miles.

The draft route starts in Swaffham Prior with extra space for the Greenway and measures to slow traffic entering the village. The Greenway then continues through Swaffham Bulbeck and alongside the B1102 where the path will be widened towards Anglesey Abbey. The Greenway then goes past Stow-cum-Quy, where it converges with the Bottisham Greenway, and continues along High Ditch Road past the Wing housing development to Fen Ditton. At this point it joins the Horningsea Greenway. It will then go under a new underpass at Ditton Lane. It will continue along Ditton Fields, intersecting with the Chisholm Trail at the Abbey-Chesterton Bridge. It will proceed through Stourbridge Common along Riverside to Midsummer Common. In all places there will be improved safety measures, and the path will be separate from road traffic.As Quick Wins, the Wadloes path in Fen Ditton and a section of the National Cycle Network next to the A1303, near Cambridge Airport, have been widened and resurfaced. We have installed solar stud lighting in suitable places and more are proposed.


Key Benefits

  • Green active travel into and out of Cambridge for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.
  • Easy and safe travel to workplaces, local schools and colleges, shops and transport hubs.
  • A safer crossing of Quy Road near Anglesey Abbey
  • Links to the Bottisham Greenway at Stow-cum-Quy and Horningsea Greenway at Fen Ditton.
  • Link to the Chisholm Trail, which leads to Cambridge North and Central stations

Background documents

Published 03 Aug 2023
Swaffham and Bottisham_Engagement Report-2023

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Published 10 Jul 2023
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Published 10 Jul 2023
Swaffhams-OBC- 2023

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Published 12 Sep 2021

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Published 04 Aug 2021

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