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The Horningsea Greenway will provide safer and better route for people walking, cycling and, where appropriate, horse-riding between Horningsea, Fen Ditton and Cambridge.

The Horningsea Greenway is one of twelve Greater Cambridge Greenways that will make journeys more sustainable, provide healthier alternatives to the car and allow people to enjoy the Cambridgeshire countryside for leisure purposes. They will also help to make local journeys, such as school and nursery runs safer and easier

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Planned county council works are underway in Horningsea. Work on the Horningsea Greenway will continue after this is completed. 

Roadworks will be underway to widen the shared-use path alongside Horningsea Road (B1047) from the Horningsea village sign south to Fen Ditton Primary School until early 2024. The speed limit on this section will be reduced from 60 to 40mph.

During the works, one lane will be closed for 300 metres at a time, with temporary traffic lights to manage traffic in each direction. Works will progress in 300 metre sections from north to south.

People travelling along the route can expect some delays and should allow extra time when using the road.

Proposed changes to speed limits will be subject to forthcoming Traffic Regulation Orders.

Roadworks map

Route details

Public engagement place in Autumn 2022. A summary of feedback we received can be found in the Summary Report and our course of action can be found in the You Said, We Did report.

Approvals from the Greater Cambridge Partnership’s Executive Board in March 2023 meant that early construction works could start on the route.

The GCP will continue to work through a range of agreements with landowners, planning applications, and a variety of legal permits and orders as well as finalise the designs with local stakeholders.

Key benefits

  • Shared use paths between Horningsea and Fen Ditton
  • Safer streets with traffic speed reduction measures, including reduced speed limits where the Greenway runs on the road
  • Widened shared use path along parts of Horningsea Road
  • High quality parallel crossing at the junction of B1047, High Street and Ditton Lane
  • Fen Ditton Church junction safety improvements
  • Easier to follow signs to guide people along the Horningsea Greenway route